Macronutrients are sectioned according to the daily amounts

Macronutrients are sectioned according to the daily amounts required by your body. The three main requirements are carbohydrates (complex carbs vs simple carbs), proteins and fats.CarbohydratesCarbohydrates is one of the body’s most available source of energy and is used rapidly. The body uses carbohydrates to make glucose, that provides you with energy and is one of the main sources. Glucose can be stores or even used instantly as fuel.1 Gram of carbohydrates provides approximately 4 kcal of energy.Complex carbohydrates: Complex carbohydrates are made up of sugar molecules that are structure in a long complex chain. Foods such as beans, whole grains and vegetables are both complex and simple carbs that turn into  glucose in the body body and used as energy.Simple carbohydrates: Simple carbs are easily broken down quickly to be used as energy in the body. They can be found in fruits and milk products. As well as refined sugars such as table sugar, candy and soft drinks.ProteinProteins are known as large complex molecules that work the most within cells and is required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. Proteins are a necessity to keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and physical performance. The main role of protein in your body is to build and repair tissue. Protein is categorised as a secondary source of energy when there are limited carbs and fats, most likely at the end of an endurance event and energy restrictions. The basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids. Enzymes are basically proteins that act as a catalyst for chemical reactions in the body, for example, insulin are proteins that control the organs. Most proteins transport elements throughout the body, such as hemoglobin, which is the transporting of oxygen through a high protein food that could be found in red blood cells.FatsFats are an essential nutrient. Triglycerides is a basic component of fat. One triglyceride is composed of a glycerol molecule with three fatty acids attached. When digested and absorbed they break down into two substances obtained from animal and vegetable sources called saturated and unsaturated. Fats add flavour and texture to foods which could possibly be one of the reason for over consumption.Fats can also obtain certain nutrients as well as maintains your core body temperature. It is also the most concentrated source of calories as it provides 9 calories per gram. Each individual is different so an average fat intake daily would be 4 to 5 grams per pound of your body weight.


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