Love finally face the world environing them.

Love is a powerful emotion that can convey about a important alteration in an person ‘s life. The fresh Changing Heaven by Jane Urquhart and the drama Hamlet by William Shakespeare illustrate that an compulsion with love can be destructive. After a close survey of the characters, literary devices and the clang between desire and personal motivations in both the novel and the drama, it becomes obvious that one should non populate under the semblance of false love otherwise they could confront rough effects in existent life.Infatuation with an person can take to betrayal and can turn out to be fatal. This thought is portrayed by the writers as the characters progress through the novel/play and they finally face the world environing them. Both Arianna and Ann in Changing Heaven are profoundly in love with Jeremy and Arthur severally, to a degree where their love becomes an compulsion.

But on the other manus, the male characters in the novel demo a cold shoulder to both Ann and Arianna and they tend to handle them with indifference. An illustration of Arianna ‘s compulsion with Jeremy is when she says “ I want him to desire and love me! ” ( Urquhart 42 ) despite the fact that Jeremy feels that her love is like a prison from which he can non get away. Ann besides feels the same manner about Arthur and is to the full cognizant of her compulsion when “ she looks into her ain haunted eyes ” ( Urquhart 220 ) while staring into the mirror.

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Similarly Ophelia is rather passionate for Hamlet as she sings that she is his “ Valentine ” ( Shakespeare 239 ) and that Hamlet has “ made many stamps of aˆ¦.affection to [ her ] ” ( Shakespeare 49 ) . Stubborn as of all time, both Arianna and Ann continue to prosecute their love for old ages while Ophelia in the drama continues to lavish her love upon Hamlet. However, afterwards Arianna in Changing Heaven feels that “ she [ is ] ever traveling further off [ from Jeremy ] ” ( Urquhart 181 ) which shows her inability to decide her personal businesss before her decease. In the terminal, all three female characters face denial and rejection from their spouses. They all believe that their lovers were unfaithful and untrusty. Ophelia in the drama Hamlet feels powerless and thinks that she was betrayed by Hamlet when she says “ I was the more deceived ” ( Shakespeare 141 ) .

In fact she drives herself insane after enduring from the discouragement sing the fact that Hamlet non merely broke her bosom but was besides responsible for her male parent ‘s decease. Similarly Arianna feels that she has been “ lacerate… left natural at the borders ” ( Urquhart 187 ) after Jeremy insults her in populace. However, despite being heartbroken, Ann realizes that her “ compulsion is interrupting, is falling off ” ( Urquhart 238 ) which shows that in the terminal she is able to get the better of Arthur ‘s treachery and false love but her spirit has been destroyed everlastingly.The authors besides use assorted techniques in order to foreground the fact that inordinate passion for an person can bring forth drastic consequences.

For case the writer of the novel symbolizes the strong love connexion between Ann and Arthur when she says that the “ storm grows stronger around the auto ” ( Urquhart 89 ) . Furthermore, the writer portrays Ann ‘s compulsion with Arthur when she says, “ there is no halting it, the Moor. ” ( Urquhart 136 ) which illustrates Ann ‘s belief that her love has no bounds. The fact that Arthur “ sees singed plumes, as if his angels were firing up ” ( Urquhart 226 ) symbolizes the fact that he has been imprisoned by Ann ‘s love and no affair what he does she will ever happen him. Similarly Ophelia ‘s distribution of flowers such as rosemary symbolizes “ recollection [ of her ] love [ Hamlet ] ” ( Shakespeare 247 ) .

Furthermore the “ willow [ tree ] ” ( Shakespeare 269 ) is a symbol of Ophelia ‘s lost love ( Hamlet ) . Besides Ophelia ‘s statement that Hamlet ‘s gifts have “ lostaˆ¦their aroma ” ( Shakespeare 100 ) shows that she has been betrayed by Hamlet who had made false love promises to her. The writer of Changing Heaven makes strong mentions to Wuthering Heights, which shows clear grounds of allusion. The writer does this in order to depict the relationship between Ann and Arthur from Ann ‘s point of position, which she believes is rather similar to the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. In add-on to this, the author represents Ann ‘s compulsion with Arthur when “ she decides to pass a batch more clip with Heathcliff ” ( Urquhart 70 ) . This shows that she is invariably under the semblance that Arthur will finally fall in love with her.

Shakespeare besides makes usage of allusion in Hamlet when he writes about the “ Aeneas ‘ narrative to Dido ” ( Shakespeare 119 ) which portrays Ophelia ‘s feeling of being betrayed by Hamlet who loved her one time but had abandoned her afterwards. This is rather similar to Changing Heaven since Jeremy besides one time loved Arianna but in the terminal he wholly isolates himself from her. “ A drape reacting to a storm ” ( Urquhart 91 ) is an illustration of metaphor used in the novel which yet once more describes Ann ‘s strong feelings for Arthur to the extent that she compares herself to a drape which can merely travel if it comes in contact with the air current. In other words, she is so haunted with him that she believes that he is her beginning of energy and without him her life is empty and meaningless. On the contrary, Hamlet refers to love as “ stabs of detested love ” ( Shakespeare 139 ) which shows that Ophelia ‘s deep feelings of fondness for him causes him great hurting and torture.

The struggle between love and personal motivations frequently produces desperate consequences. Both Arianna and Ann develop an utmost compulsion for Jeremy and Arthur severally and they follow them everyplace while they try to maintain their maximal distance from them. Likewise, Ophelia undergoes terrible hurt despite her fond attitude towards Hamlet when he insults her severely and tells her to travel “ to a nunnery ” ( Shakespeare 143 ) implying that he loathes her and has no desire to get married her. Furthermore, both the female supporters struggle throughout the novel to win back their lost love but finally they both realize that they ca n’t recover their love. The writer demonstrates this when Arthur clearly notifies Ann that he is “ aˆ¦not in love with [ her ] ” ( Urquhart 113 ) because he desires freedom from love and that if he became haunted with love like Ann so he would no longer remain capable of sing other human emotions. Similarly Jeremy besides needs freedom from Arianna and the lone manner to make that is to kill her which he does by fiddling with her parachute so that she plunges to her decease while executing a stunt in an air balloon. Likewise, Hamlet ‘s desire and “ ambitio [ N ] ” ( Shakespeare 141 ) is to seek “ retaliation ” ( Shakespeare 141 ) for his male parent ‘s decease by killing Claudius. His determination to give Ophelia ‘s love for the interest of accomplishing his ends consequences in Ophelia perpetrating suicide.

Thus Arianna, Ann and Ophelia face the dismaying world in the terminal that they were betrayed by their lovers who preferred to take their ain personal desires over love. Arianna ‘s and Ophelia ‘s compulsion with love bends lifelessly since it costs them their lives while Ann is left brokenhearted everlastingly.In decision, it is rather apparent that inordinate passion for an person does non needfully ensue in a happy stoping but alternatively it can hold damaging consequences. Compulsion with love can take to several complications between people such as aspirations for personal aims and love. This ultimately causes treachery and insanity and it frequently consequences in the decease of an single. Coming over to the writers ‘ composing manner, symbolism, allusion and metaphors all play a critical function in presenting the authors ‘ message that infatuation with anyone can take to desolation. Therefore one should ever keep emotional equilibrium in his/her life, even in affairs of love so that he/she does non hold to endure from despondence and perfidiousness.


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