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LetsWork RecruitmentBusiness Plan January 16, 2018John TubigZlatkaMujcinNantawanDesautelsNon-Disclosureand Confidentiality AgreementTheundersigned (“Recipient”) hereby agrees that all financial and otherinformation (“Information”) that it has and will receive concerningLetsWork Recruitment is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyindividual or entity without prior written consent. The Information shallremain the property of LetsWork Recruitment and shall be returned to LetsWork Recruitmentpromptly at its request together with all copies made thereof. Recipientacknowledges that no remedy of law may be adequate to compensate LetsWorkRecruitment for a violation of this Agreement and Recipient hereby agrees thatin addition to any legal or other rights that may be available in the event ofa breach hereunder, LetsWork Recruitment may seek equitable relief to enforcethis Agreement in any Court of competent jurisdiction. _______________________________________________Date                            SignatureThis is abusiness plan and does not imply an offering of securities.

Contents Executive Summary. 3 Mission, Vision, and Culture. 5 Company Description. 6 Opportunity Analysis & Research. 7 Environmental Analysis. 7 SWOT analysis.

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7 Competitive Analysis. 8 Marketing Strategy & Plan. 9 Management & Operations. 10 Research & Development 11 Financial Analysis & Projection. 11 Sources & Uses of Capital 12 Cash Flow Projections. 12 Balance Sheet Projections.

14 Breakeven Analysis. 15 Exit Plan. 16 Appendices.

17         ExecutiveSummaryLetsWorkRecruitment began out of the desire to contribute to this community, just asthe community contribute to us over the years. We realize the need for apersonnel agency that fills a void left by other temporary and permanentplacement agency. LetsWork Recruitment staffing agency will be in Edmonton,Alberta.LetsWorkRecruitment matches specifically skilled workers with clients, saving businesstime and money, while providing for its employees with honesty and honor. Thisrequire a high level of communication, which means asking open-ended questionsand listening, not talking. Knowing the local market, LetsWork Recruitment canreally serve each client and employee, not just sell them our goods, and treateach client and employees with the same care and with the same level ofcommunication. LetsWork Recruitment is quality service.

We are awarethat businesses these days require diverse and sophisticated approaches. Therefore,we will position our staffing agency to offer a wide range of relatedconsulting services as requested by our clients.LetsWorkRecruitment is a client-focused and result driven staffing agency that providesbroad-based experience at an affordable fee that won’t in any way put a hole inthe pocket of our clients. We will ensure that we work hard to provide therequired consulting services and staffing solutions needed by our clients toaccomplish their business goals and objectives. At LetsWork Recruitment, ourclient’s best interest come first, and everything we do is guided by our valuesand professional ethics. We willensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meetingour client’s needs precisely and completely.

We will cultivate a workingenvironment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living,and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our clients.LetsWorkRecruitment will always demonstrate the commitment to sustainability, bothindividually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities andintegrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.LetsWorkRecruitment is founded by Dr. John Tubig and his two sisters, Zlatka Mujcin andNantawan Desautels. The company will be managed by Dr. John Tubig; he graduatedfrom University of Alberta based in Edmonton (First Degree in PersonnelManagement).

Aside fromhis core area of strength, recruiting and trainings, Dr. Tubig has extensiveexperience in a diverse range of business consulting, and his consultingpractice is concentrated in the areas of helping both big corporations andstart-ups position their business for growth, sustainability andexpansion.        Managingour growthAs a new company, LetsWorkRecruitment will be treated as a start-up in this business plan.

In year 1,Nantawan will be an Employment Specialist, and Zlatka will be Office staffperson. In response to this growth, LetsWork Recruitment will have a proceduresmanual for in-house staff to assure that the information is clear and willprovide employees with regular training within the division to assure they understandthe details of the work they are doing daily. Year 2 projections include areceptionist, another employee specialist, and a field representative. In year3, LetsWork Recruitment will examine the feasibility of opening a branch officein other areas. The Market LetsWork Recruitment will serveclients with needs for select, specialized professionals rather than clericalor light industrial workers (Computers specialists, Editors/Writers, EventPlanners, Graphic Artists, Interpreters/Translators, etc.

).                 Mission,Vision, and Culture       Mission StatementLetsWork Recruitment mission is toprovide professional and trusted staffing and training consulting services thatassist businesses and non-profit organizations in operating sustainably. Weprovide workable staffing and training solutions in combination with our ownbusiness backgrounds and deliver valuable services in a timely andcost-effective way.VisionStatementLetsWork Recruitment vision is toprovide our clients with skilled staffing consulting and training solutions ina timely and efficient manner.

We strive to handle each client withaccountability and responsiveness, as if we will have recruited and train stafffor our own business.Wefocus our attention on the providing workable business solutions as it relatesto staffing for our clients so that our clients can focus their attention onthe success of their business. Our vision reflects our values: integrity,service, excellence and teamwork.Core Valuesand Culture ·       People first: Not talent, personnel,human resources, human capital, applicants, resumes, candidates, sends,placements, hires, managers, clients, or customers. We work with people. Werecruit people.·       Being social: We seek connections,start conversations, build relationships, and take part in our community.Werecognized that, for the sake of our existing team members, sustainability ofour service business, and delivery on our brand promise, we needed tounderstand the traits and beliefs that defined a successful relationship.

Itwould have been easy enough to sit down for thirty minutes and scribble out alist of aspirational, good-sounding “values,” but from our work with manydifferent employers,we knew that approach seldom resulted in more than platitudes and slogansdisconnected from the actual workplace experience.           Company Description LetsWork Recruitment is a temporaryand permanent placement personnel agency working solely with skilled andprofessional workers. LetsWork Recruitments differs from other temporary andpermanent placement agencies because of our skilled workers. The companybelieves that the temporary industry pays only cursory attention to providingbusinesses highly qualified workers for permanent and non-permanent positions.

LetsWork Recruitment has five divisions, targeting the following areas ofexpertise: ·      Computer Specialist ·      Editors/Writers ·      Event Planners ·      Graphic Artists ·      Interpreters/Translators.LetsWorkRecruitment does not provide general clerical, light industrial, engineers,accountants, nurses, or other medical technicians.LetsWorkRecruitment does the following for each client: ·      Recruiting (reference checking) ·      Skills evaluation (preliminary interviewing) ·      Screening.LetsWork Recruitment conductsregular evaluations: LetsWork Recruitment checks in with the supervisor and theworker during the first week on the assignment. LetsWork Recruitment thenchecks in as agreed with the client. LetsWork acts as an extension of theclient business’ human resource department assuring that there is opencommunication between supervisor and employee and assisting with anytroubleshooting or problem solving that may be needed.           OpportunityAnalysis & ResearchLetsWork Recruitment ‘s target market is both businesses and professionalworkers.

Phase one of the marketing plan will target the University of Alberta,and the top 500 businesses in Edmonton through networking and cold calling.Phase two will target small businesses with less than 10 employees becausesmaller businesses may not have the in-house capability to locate, evaluate,and hire potential professional contingent workers.  Environmental AnalysisSWOT analysis Strengths ·       High rate of employment ·       Fast Service: Often companies cannot recognize their hiring needs until it is too late.

  ·       Accuracy: The ability to accurately find a candidate who has the necessary skills, as well a match with the company culture. Weaknesses -Weak initial cash flow. -The lack of brand equity, a function of a start-up organization. -The inability to scale rapidly. Opportunities ·       Participation in a growing industry. ·       The ability to decrease fixed costs per sale as business picks up.

  Threats ·       A lack of immunity from an industry downturn. ·       The attractiveness of the industry has encouraged new entrants and competition may increase as a result.             Competitive AnalysisMainCompetitorsCompetitors to the LetsWork Recruitment fallinto four categories:Segment Rivals:Segment Rivals offer the exact same services as LetsWork Recruitment.

While themarket is certainly large enough to sustain multiple segment rivals, LetsWorkRecruitment will attempt to ensure that its name is well known in all itstarget markets.Market Rivals:There are many available Market Rivals who compete with the LetsWorkRecruitment while having slightly different business focuses. The LetsWorkRecruitment will attempt to compete with these companies by demonstrating itsfocus on “personal services.”Generic Rivals:Generic Rivals represent alternative temporary staffing agency solutions. Structural Rivals:Structural Rivals are the forces inherent in the market through which thecompany must operate.

  Brand Description Pricing Page Views / Unique User Unique Users (mm) Subscribers (mm) Linked in Social professional network targeting both active and passive job seekers. §  Linked in Recruiter: $ 8,200/ year/ seat §  Talent Finder: $ 99.95/ month §  Linked in Jobs: $ 1200/ year §  Job Seeker: $19.95 – $ 49.95/ month 27.53 92.00 > 150.

00 Monster Traditional online job posting site with presence in 55 countries for over a decade. §  Power Resume Search: $ 13,000/ year §  Standard Search Product: $ 10,000/ year §  Career Ad Network: $135 – $ 250/ Job posting N/A 46.00 Job posting: > 10 Resumes: > 150(2008) Dice holdings, Inc Provides niche site targeting highly skilled employment. §  Job posting Express: $ 495.00/ month §  Resumes access Express: $ 995.00/ month N/A 5.

4 Job posting: ~0.13       Marketing Strategy & PlanProducts/ServicesLetsWork Recruitment will provideservices to distinct populations. The company will serve business throughconnecting them with the professional contingent work force. It will also servethe worker by connecting them with businesses, at no charge, and providebenefits not often provided by other employment agencies. PricingLetsWork Recruitment is going to belocal company that cost less than consultant or agency, providing for bothproject and long-term needs, and will have an easy pay and billing rate systemthat covers employee payroll and worker’s compensation insurance.

               PromotionThere are variety of reasons why businessmay need LetsWork Recruitmentservices:·      Spikes in work load·      Business expands into anarea that in-house expertise does not yet match·      Special event·      Pregnancy leave ·      Business increases afterlayoffs·      smaller business does notyet have staff on-hand to complete extra projectsThetrend toward businesses cutting back on employees and their benefits due tohigh cist creates the demand for LetsWork Recruitment services.Just consider the time, energy and resources an employer may spend trying toemploy a person for a 20-hour task.  PlaceLetsWork Recruitmentwill approach businesses primarily through networking and cold calls. Ourintention is to utilize an agency for more coverage as soon as possible.LetsWork is going to use its own website and other marketing materials that describeswhat services we will provide and explain how simple it will be to work withus. LetsWorkRecruitment will advertise in local papers and trademagazines when necessary, but most often will use the University of Alberta, NAIT,CDI College. Community college and university campuses, and the networkinggroups to search out the right employee.

     Management& OperationsLetsWorkRecruitment is completely service minded, customizing personnel packages andoffering the most it can to both employers and employees. Because we serve twodistinct groups of people, both businesses and employees will be consideredequally important to LetsWork. The company consistsof five divisions, targeting the following types of workers and needs inbusinesses: Computer Division·      Computer Application Specialists·      Computer Hardware Specialists·      Computer Programmers·      Network Administrators·      Web SpecialistsEditor/Writers·      Multi-lingual·      PR/Marketing·      TechnicalEvent Planners·      Fundraisers·      Large and SmallGraphic Artists·      Design·      Production·      WebLanguage Interpreters and Translators·      Multiple Languages·      Person-to-Person·      WrittenWithin thesecategories, we originally set up a system of single sheets on card stock andfiled them in binders. Since then, an electronic database has been created byone of our professionals. With the push of a button, LetsWork Recruitment cansearch for a client or an employee needed.Businesses andemployees will be able to communicate with LetsWork Recruitment via both newtechnological and traditional methods. Our Web page provides information aboutLetsWork including what professional fields we serve, what clients we areworking with, and what services we offer.

A second-generation Web page willprovide information about employees for businesses through a password-protectedarea. LetsWork Recruitment forwards candidates’ resumes and other informationthrough a variety of methods: phone, fax, personal visit, mail, and the Webpage. Research & DevelopmentPrimary researches:interview with the Express Service manager Peter W. Express service work mostlywith industrial companies, finding employees for them. Secondary researches:online thru Google, and various web sites of similar businesses like HireSuccess Staffing, JRM Staffing, Drake International, and Employment AgenciesJob Banks. PhysicalLocationOur intention is to open office inEdmonton in the future (part of our planning in third year), but for now, ourbusiness will depend on network (online business).   Financial Analysis & Projection Sources & Uses of CapitalWe started our company with $50,000 of capital, Invested by Dr. Tubig($30,000), Zlatka ($10,000), and Nantawan ($10,000), with partnershippercentage of 60/20/20 respectively.

Funding Source Equity Debt Gift Dr. John Tubig $30,000 $0 $0  Zlatka $10,000 $0 $0 Nantawan $10,000 $0 $0 NET START UP $50,000 $0 $0            START-UP EXPENSE BUSINESS START YEAR 2018   OFFICE SUPPLY/PAPER/FAX PAPER/PRINTER INKS $473.00   MARKETING/WEB/BUSINESS CARDS/BROCHURES/ADS $300.00   OFFICE DECORATION $150.


00   CASH BALANCE ON STARTING DATE $44,387.00   CURRENT ASSETS $44,387.00   FUNDING & INVENSTOR     INVENSTOR 1 $30,000.00   INVENSTOR 2 $10,000.00   INVENSTOR 3 $10,000.00   TOTAL EQUITY INVESTMENT $$50,000.00.

00   LOSS AT START UP $6,273.00   TOTAL CAPITAL $43727.00     Income Statement for the first month Revenue 8000 Variable costs Wage costs 3400 Supplies costs 120 Total Var.

Costs 3520 Gross Income 4480 Fixed Operating costs Utilities 250 Salary 2000 Advertising 150 Insurance 200 Interest 0 Rent 1000 Depreciation 0 Others 0 Total Fixed Costs 3600 Profit 880 Taxes (25%) 220 Net Income   660    Owner Equity Statement Capital 50000 Net Profit 660 Total OE 50660    Balance Sheet Assets Liabilities + OE Cash 44387 Liabilities 0 Capital Equipment 6273 Total OE 50660   50660   50660   


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