Joan the French to victory. Two years later,

Joan of Arc is a Roman Catholic saint best known for her heroism during The Hundred Years War in which she led the French in battle. Jeanne d’Arc was born January 6th, 1412 in Domrémy, France.

Her birth happened during the Hundred Years War, a conflict between England and France; the altercation happened after confusion of who would be the successor of the French throne. The war continued throughout Joan’s childhood and at the age of 13 Joan had visions of St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret urging her to drive the English from French Territory.

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The visions continued and eventually Joan decided to follow them. So, in 1428, as a 17 year old, Joan travelled to the king’s representative, Robert Baudricourt, to ask for permission to see the king. Joan was made a mockery of and was scornfully dismissed.

Unrelenting, Joan returned to Baudricourt months later to predict to him that the English were going to lose in a battle near Orléans. Almost everyone was without doubt that the French would win, but when word came back days later that the French were losing in Orléans Baudricourt finally believed that God was guiding Joan. She was backed by locals and was finally granted permission to see King Charles. Joan was sent on her way with her hair cut short and dressed in men? clothing as a disguise. When she first arrived, King Charles was very skeptical, and so very many others, as Joan of Arc was still just a young girl. Some thought she was a witch or even a spy. Charles reluctantly agreed to send Joan of Arc into war at the Battle of Orléans.

Joan carried a banner into war which was inscribed with an image of Jesus holding the world to encourage her troops to fight for God. Battle occured and Joan was shot between the neck and shoulder. She returned to rally the final assault. The following day, May 8th, 1429, the English retreated and the siege of Orléans was over.

Joan of Arc had lead the French to victory. Two years later, at the age of 19, Joan was captured by English forces, imprisoned, and burned at the stake. On April 18th, 1909, Joan of Arc was canonized and officially became a Catholic saint.

Her feast day is May 30th, her day of death. She will forever be remembered for her bravery and unwavering faith. I chose to write about Joan of Arc because she is a really empowering female figure! I love that she stood for what she believed in and fought for it. The name Joan also has a lot of significance to me, as my grandma’s name was Joan and my middle name is after her. My grandma was a breast cancer survivor and a very courageous lady.

These two women are good reminders for me to always be brave and be strong!


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