It’s with emerging technologies to stay relevant

It’s important for an organization to be familiar with emerging technologies to stay relevant and competitive.

Research and investments in emerging technology, strategic alignment and inspiring innovation across the enterprise are primary ways in which an organization can stay on top of emerging trends and technologies. It allows the organization to create solutions around these trends, and innovate their current offerings.The emerging technology led offerings can include:Data for Digital, which focusses on the profound digital transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies, with present and future shifts in mind. They include data profiling and masking, data migration, data assurance and cyber security.

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Data for digital can be used in data privacy, protection and security assurance, process automation and data assurance services.Mobility & Wearables includes the use of AI, analytics, internet of things (IoT) and other technology to analyze behavior and data to provide better customer service and automate processes. Location based services, digital self and in-store analytics are a few sub-trends. Some areas of implementation include behavior analysis, customized location based services and tracking assets.

 Digital Engagement is essentially the process of designing physical or digital products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with. Digital engagement improves customer experience through usage based recommendations, personalized smart video, statement visualization and gamification solutions.The various client engagements include PoC’s on personalized interactive credit card video statements for a leading bank, benefits of health insurance for a leading insurance company and a PoC on utility bill visualization for a leading utility player in the US.The various technologies that are used to develop and incubate these emerging technology led offerings range from machine learning, behavioral analytics and cybersecurity, to IoT, distributed ledger technology, computer vision and predictive analytics.

There are numerous opportunities that arise from these offerings, which include support and maintenance activities at BPO centers, data analytics services using AI, web and application development, testing and quality assurance, real time services for enterprises in reverse engineering and modernization, and digital security solutions to name a few.Incubating the emerging technology led offerings has enabled make great progress in these fields.These will help us create prototypes and concepts, which can be showcased to clients and monetized, and also be scaled to new service lines, resulting in continuous business opportunities, along with the creation of new solutions and offerings.


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