It excellence in the traditional security sector, boosting

It was truly a pleasure tohave been able to speak to your staff and you at the Future Economy Conference& Exhibition. You remind me of a Steve Wozniak of the security industry, focusingon building good security with technology, without a hunger for money. To meet someoneas devoted to change for the welfare of others, without losing focus on theneed for innovation, is inspiring to say the very least.Currently, the Singapore Security Consortium (SSC) is callingfor proposals to draft an integrated suite of both traditional and cybersecurity solutions to beef up the security of key installations in Singapore.

With the rising threat of both online and offline security issues around theworld, including cyber and physical attacks by terrorists, it is ever soimperative for a strong consolidated security system in Singapore. With only ahandful of security companies offering integrated security systems, this couldbe your opportunity to showcase to the public the prowess of an innovative ITsecurity system.a1 Your company is well known for its product innovationand excellence in the traditional security sector, boosting efficiency withoutcompromising effectiveness.

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Combined with cyber-security solutions, this couldbe a huge opportunity to develop a top-class combination of protection for bothphysical and IT infrastructure. Additionally, reliance on technology intraditional security would inadvertently increase its vulnerability to cyber-attackssuch as in the case of CCTVs being hacked and systems being compromised. Acomprehensive cybersecurity solution with complete monitoring and communicationcapabilities between both traditional and cybersecurity products can only serveto increase efficiency and security for your products and in turn, your clients.a2 Ibelieve that a collaboration between both our companies could be extremelybeneficial towards our shared vision of creating a sustainable and securefuture for everyone. First InsightCyber Solutions, a company that I founded, has a proprietary cyber defencemonitoring software (SharpEye) that outperforms competitors by miles.

In addition, my knowledge on drone management andmeasures in fine-tuning facial recognition, can further improve traditionalsecurity aspects in your suite. This collaboration could potentially make us a leaderin the integrated security systems industry, and secure the proposal from theSSC. Such a feat would not only add to your list of credentials, but has thepotential to change mindsets across industries and the public with regards toutilizing technology in traditional security. Understandably, you may bebusy with plans on expansion and marketing outside of Singapore. However, shouldour collaboration proof successful, we could obtain a grant of up to USD$1.8million and see our project being rolled out across ASEAN in the next fiveyears.

Not only will this provide you with the opportunity to disrupt thesecurity industries in the region, but more importantly, it could be the key towinning the fight against terrorism, especially with ISIS expanding rapidlyacross South East Asia. Furthermore, working conditions could be drasticallyimproved for security officers in many of the developing countries, pathing theway for more highly skilled jobs and ultimately a better economy. If our collaboration interestsyou, I would love to meet up with you for coffee to discuss more in-depth aboutour partnership, including synergy between our technology and the otherintricacies of our business collaboration. It would also be a great opportunityto showcase the prowess of SharpEye to you, in comparison with the industrystandards.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to dropme a reply or contact me at 91234567. A near future where the people’s securitycould be safeguarded with an integrated security system could be in sight, butonly if we believe. a1Awareness/Attention and Background information a2Interest


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