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It is a Chinese tradition to respect, love and support the elderly and to protect, educate and take good care of the young.During my time in high school, I volunteered to go mission and provide care to the old people at the center for elderly. Ageism is a problem in our societies because they lack proper care hence they are taken to this center. Most elderly people at the center are on wheel-chair and remain hopeful that their loved ones could often visit them. Most of them could not hide their joy because they could not remember when a new person came to visit them.

 We set out early in the morning and we were required to feed them and give them water constantly. And introduced ourselves to them and they also tell us their names. Also talked with them happily and told them lots of interesting stories. We helped them wash their clothes and clean the rooms. Then some of us cleaned the windows and swept the floor for them. After that, we performed activities for them, such as singing songs and dancing or play some instruments. Some of us read the newspaper for them. Some of us chatted with them, they were very happy and not feel lonely anymore.

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I even taught them how to use computers and told them about the internet. We were very happy and so were the old. They thanked us a lot and we really moved by them.Most of them were sweet and could tell their youthful stories with us, I felt good to provide a smile on a person who has been abandon in this centers for elderly.

The challenges are that the elderly individuals are usually injured, mistreated and exploited by those people on whom they depend on for support and care. Moreover, elderly people are prone to diseases hence require constant checkup which is sometimes not provided. The elderly people often, need care and love in order to live a peaceful life but rather not a stressful life full of discrimination. The Centre lacked enough staff to look after this large population of the elderly people and enough beddings for them. In fact, the elderly people do not have a high personal need for hardware such as beautiful room, expensive decorations, etc. But the software for their spirit’s requirements are getting higher and higher, which can also be seen from the official statistics, Most places of the world have fully entered the aging society. However, the care of the elderly people get from the younger generation in lots countries has gradually weakened.

In my opinion, this is a very serious problem. There are many old lonely inner-living people in the present society. As a student and a youth volunteer in a new era, I think that we have this social responsibility to maintain and carry forward this tradition. Through our own efforts, we can bring more care and joy to the elderly people.

In our daily life, we should offer our seats to them on buses. And we should treat our own grandparents more kindly.The rewards for volunteering to provide care to elderly people was self-fulfilling that you are making a difference in one life.

It felt great to see the hopeless smile and have a person to listen to and spent some time. This is a community activity which allows persona to make time to visit the old and provide hope. I think love is a powerful reward which can make a person to find a new path and purpose in life.


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