People This is justified by the fact

People perform different tasks in their daily lives some of which require them to interact with other people while others do not. This is justified by the fact that human beings are social in nature. Apart from the tasks that people get involved in, they also go through different experiences in their lives. Integrity is one of the most important qualities that people should possess in order to interact well with one another and sustain relationships. Telling the truth always is an important aspect of any relationship, but it is agreeable that people do not always tell the truth.

The question that emerges is whether telling the truth always is the basis of any relationship. My opinion is that telling the truth always is not the basis of every relationship because some cases are different. Both telling lies and telling the truth lead to certain consequences. The first consequence of telling lies is that lies may lead individuals into problems such as arrests, loss of valuable things or even loss of friends once they discover that an individual tells lies. The second consequence of telling lies is that people get used to the lies and fail to take people who tell lies seriously.

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For example, people who tell lies to get financial assistance from other people never get the assistance even when they genuinely need it. This causes them to suffer when they get into problems because most people abandon them because of their dishonesty. The third consequence of telling lies is that they break relationships. Partners who tell lies never learn to trust each other hence they eventually end up destroying their relationships because of simply telling lies. Despite the fact that telling lies leads to certain consequences, I believe that telling the truth always also leads to certain consequences. Sometimes people are confronted by ugly situations that compel them to tell lies to get over the situations.

It is a fact that people have different personalities and some of them do not accept the truth. This implies that some people find it difficult to accept truth they consider unpleasant or too painful to cope with. For example, people who cheat on their partners fail to tell the truth once they are confronted by their partners to tell whether they cheat or not. In such situations, people tell lies in order to ensure that they do not destroy their relationships with their partners. If in such situations the truth is told, chances of breaking relationships are usually high. In my opinion, perfect relationships are not necessarily based on telling the truth always.

This is because there are people who tell the truth always but they experience problems in their relationships. Perfect relationships are based on many critical aspects other than telling the truth always. People in relationships should be open to one another and exhibit readiness to stand with their partners in all circumstances. In addition, perfect relationships are also based on respect and willingness between partners to support each other. Relationships are important to human beings and there are many factors that contribute towards their success or failure.

Telling the truth always is not the basis of relationships because sometimes the truth breaks them. Apart from telling the truth, perfect relationships are based on many other factors such as respect, openness and readiness to support one another.


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