Introduction statistics on the number of women holding


the modern world, concerns have been raised on meeting the gender balance in
the height of administration. This is due to the situation where women have in
the past been sidelined in leadership positions with men dominating the sector.
In the past, women have been viewed incapable of handling high positions in
leadership which include political arena and at institutions level. This is the
case particularly in corporate America where men have dominated their female
counterparts when it comes to influencing positions in companies. The research
paper will be addressing the gender balance in the leadership of companies in
corporate America. This is because there is lack of women in leadership roles
in corporate America, and people need to be educated on this topic and how to
resolve it.

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to statistics on the number of women holding up leadership positions both
currently and in the past decade the number is not very impressive. Statistics
depicts that the male gender has dominated those places in the past decade up
to date.

                         Current number of women CEOs in fortune 500

indicate that women are sidelined when it comes to leadership positions in
different corporate in America. However, the present trend is quite impressive
since in the past year there have recorded a 50% increase in the number of
leadership positions held by women. The percentage increase represents an
increase by 11 women in corporate leadership from 21 to 32. As far as there is
that tremendous increase in number women in organizational leadership the
figure is still meagre since it represents just 6.4% of total number of CEOs in
the Fortune 500. The current list breaks the record since it is the debut list
that has featured a Latina CEO Corporations that appointed Geisha Williams as
their first Woman CEO. Other newcomers in the leadership include individuals
like Hershey, Michele Buck and Margo Georgiadis of the Google America.

  Change in the number of women CEOs in the
past decades

show the number of women in entrusted with corporate leadership has increased
but in slow motion in the past decades. However, there is still hope that in
years to come there could be gender balance since women now are competing for
these positions. This trend of women being aggressive especially in the last
decade is due to motivation since those who have held the position before have
proved women can also lead and come up with good results.

show that in 1995 there were no women in the fortune 500 and men dominated the
sector. However, by 2000 there were very women in those corporate leadership positions
to the extent that they were rarely heard. Those in those position comprised of
a merely 0.4% which meant that they were less than five women holding up those
spots. The number gradually increased to 1.8% in 2005 which is a tiny number
since it still not adds up to 5positions. After another half a decade there was
still some improvements that were noted since out of 500 they had already
scored 3%. Statistics were later carried in 2014 that depicted a slight growth
of up to 4.8% the number that increased up to the current percentage. The trend
is prolonged which shows that it might take some time before gender balance is
realized (Oakley, 2017).


study will be purposely major in answering two questions that are the reason
why there are very few women CEOs and why companies are avoiding appointing
Women at those crucial positions.

for Few Women CEOs

are various reasons why very few women are CEOs despite being at managerial
positions. This has been a concern on why their many women who are managers yet
they don’t make up to CEOs levels. This is just a question puzzling many in the
perspective that women are considered more ethical, careful and apply full
concentration to their work.


allocation of roles in the modern society is the continued historical gender
injustices and biases on matters pertaining disposition and belief in the
ability to lead. Moreover, it shows the level of self-selection since each
gender has a choice to join the kind of work that they feel best suited. This
is further complemented by the surrounding that they were brought up,
therefore, gaining some expectations in them.

at the current trend in job allocation in the labour market, it is evidently
clear that women holding certain positions are not as a result of choice and
desire. Moreover, it neither reflects their skills nor career choices but due
to demand and pressure from the civil society that requires inclusive
leadership. There is the idea of institution exclusion that gives the nod to
women mass entry of female gender in occupying those positions. This has
effects of keeping them to be unequally economic level in the world.

                                     Glass Walls

some situations, women are limited to taking up on some roles which depend on
the family relationship and settings. For instance, in some circumstances,
women require permission from their husbands before deciding to take up on some
positions. In this situation, some situations limit women to specific roles and
are expected to assume positions up to certain levels and management functions.
This is what is meant by Glass Walls situation that is commonly known as
segregation by gender.

to take up position for the CEO one needs to have the variety of experience
almost in all almost all the sectors of the company. However, due to gender
segregation, Women are given selected roles in the society throughout their
lives a factor that complicates their chances of holding some of the positions.
Women are therefore prevented from taking up the ranks of CEOs as long as they
are boxed into specific roles in the office. It is right to note women may be
holding various management roles in the company but cannot qualify to take up
some of the duties due to lack of extensive experience in other sectors of the
business. Therefore, for women to break into influential positions like those
of CEO, then there is need to cut into glass walls for women to make their way
into the glass ceiling up to the top management (Barreto, Ryan & Schmitt,

                                      Stiff competition

influential position as the CEO, there is usually a close competition which
requires survival of the fittest. Most of the women are afraid to face their
men counterparts in scrambling for such positions which means that men always
take advantage of the situation. This is evident in the case of the interview
more men appear in them in comparison to female counterparts. Mathematically it
is possible to predict that there is the high probability for a man to claim
the position in contrast to other genders. Additionally, in the scramble to
these jobs women are unable to bear with the warmth that is associated with the
process of expressing themselves. They are easily intimidated by the position
since the ability to handle the pressure is one of the qualifications for the
top seat. With increased heat in the process, it makes it hard for them to
stand up for the task where some of them are forced to withdraw from the

other situations, there is the belief that position of CEOs needs a powerful
person who can handle any amount of pressure thus people tend to believe that
women are vulnerable, weak and easily compromised when one toughness in solving
some of the problems is needed. They end up becoming naïve unsure of themselves
if they have the capabilities of handling the hot challenge prompting some of
them to withdraw from the race. In addition to this, some of the positions are
highly politicized to the extent that women became intimidated and made to
believe that they cannot handle those situations efficiently (Schipani,
Dworkin, & Maurer, 2006). Thus, there is need for coming up with the
campaign aimed at encouraging them to stand up the firm to the challenge and
vie for those top positions.

            Reasons why Companies are not Hiring
Women CEOs

from the progress of CEOs hiring in most of the best performing companies in
the United States it is categorically clear that Women are getting higher odds
when it come to qualifying for the task. This is not just a challenge in US
only but all over the world since according to the survey on 2000 best
performing companies in the world Women holding high leadership positions in
those companies comprised of merely 1.5% meaning they were just 29 in number.
This suggests that it is even a smaller percentage comparing to that in fortune
500 which is 2.6%.  There is a reason why
companies are relaxed when it comes to hiring of Women CEOs;

of the reasons is that most of companies have tendency of feeling that women
perform better when assigned other duties rather than assigned tougher duties
such as managing the whole companies. There is believe that women are more
vulnerable and do have the capability of handling or performing amid high
pressure that comes around when having such responsibilities. This assumption
is made stronger from those from past performance of those women handling such
positions. For instance, in recent ranking if CEOs according to their
capabilities and performance surprisingly only one CEO woman made top hundred
in the list. Beg Whitman the CEO for eBay was the only woman in top 100
according to rankings.

reason why women aren’t appointed as CEOs by the companies is due to
discrimination that happens in most of these institutions. There has been
evidence from the CEOs in the list is that Men and Women CEOs are not treated
as equal partners. Women are given higher odds than men when it comes to
recruitment in high positions such as those of CEOs which leaves them with limited
chances to qualify. One of the things that have noted is that is that it is
very difficult for a woman to be appointed as a CEO from the same organization
they she has been working (Schein, 2012). There are higher chances that there
are higher chances that a woman will appoint as a CEO from outside in
comparison from inside the same company. Thus the phenomenon is viewed as
discrimination since the analyses depicts that women CEO candidates from inside
are twice likely to post better results comparing to those from outside. This
is based on assumption that those women can produce better due to their deep
knowledge on matters concerning the company. Therefore, for these women to
emerge successful for CEO job they must move out and seek the candidature elsewhere.

excellent reason for failure of companies to recruit women in position of CEOs
is because there is belief that women perform better in poorly performing
companies. Therefore, they are never given priority in stable companies such
those in fortune 500. It is believed that Women take shorter time in building
their legacy than their male counterparts. This means that they are likely
twice likely to appointed in companies that are facing tumbling prices on the
verge of collapse. From the past study those women that performed excellently
were those that took over from precisely troubled companies. For example woman
CEO for WH Smith, Kate Swann was able to make remarkable achievable in
correcting the drowning bookseller in railway, airport and other transport

Organizations helping Increase Women
Number in leadership

            CEOs from various organizations have adopted policies
aimed at increasing the total tally of women in leadership positions.
Organizations like Coca-Cola and bank of America have come with strategies
which are aimed addressing the parity in between the two genders in top
leadership positions. The two companies are leading other 27 companies in
adopting policies to boost women to CEOs positions;

            One of their policies is trying to eliminate gender bias
that witnessed in most of organizations. They have initiated unconscious bias
training where they engage Women and Men at all stages while educating them on
how they can do away with unconscious training. Moreover, they have come with
another rule to ultimately ensure that no single gender can dominate more than
70% of management positions. They have adopted a strategy where duty assignment
is given based on merit and not presence. This is aimed at ensuring that all
genders are assigned duties based on what they can produce or where they are
best qualified. Moreover, these companies are trying to provide a platform
where women with potential can be identified, recruited and nurtured. They are
provided with a space to develop themselves through being offered sponsors and
mentors. This is because it has been noted that one of the main issues that is
hindering women from pursuing the high challenges is Meritocracy. This is
defined as beliefs that are often misused resulting to biases that affect the
performance and overall results of an individual. Women are mostly victims of
this challenge thus require some kind of mentorship in order to increase and/or
restore their confidence (Schein, 2012).

                                    Things that can be done by Individual

However, as long as women
are being assisted in claiming such jobs they can as well do some things they
can on their own that would help them claim a larger share in top leadership

way is engaging in self care aimed at ensuring that they attain full fitness in
their locations. This can be achieved through working hard in the day and then
engaging in activities that ensure fitness during the night. One can do this at
the location of employment during the small breaks in order to be able to attain
balanced and healthy life. This is very helpful since it will boost their
performance in their work which will give them an edge when it comes to
recruitment in the top leadership position (Eagly & Carli, 2011).

one can decide to seek for family assistance in their internal duties so that
it can help one concentrate on their assignments in places of work without much
disruption. For instance, this significance step will enable women to perform
excellently on demanding duties without necessity of worrying about leaving
children at home.


is great lack of women in leadership roles in corporate America, and there is
need for people to be educated on this topic and how they can go about. Efforts
are already in place to enable women claim more top leadership positions. Women
in the work place are being offered with sponsors and mentors who can encourage
and guide them towards helm of leadership positions. More companies are
adopting an idea where women are placed with male colleagues in some of the
duties that is aimed at motivating more women to take up leadership positions.
Secondly, companies have resolved in identifying women who have got the
potential to take up leadership position in future. These kind of women are
therefore nurtured through mentorship and motivation directed at preparing them
to assume demanding duties such as CEO roles.

of creating a situation where there are efforts to either eliminate or at least
minimize biased unconscious biasness in the employment locations. This is
because most of the people have bias attitude towards female leaders which
means it is matter of being naturally biased without thinking. This type of
bias is mainly based from gender stereotypes that will tend to make common
characteristic male and female immovable. The rise of these types of
stereotypes happens at a high rate to the extent that it is hard to notice.
Therefore, study reveals that management should undergo intense training aimed
at creating awareness of the unconscious biasness.

programs of ensuring that Women claim more positions in top leadership of
companies in corporate America need to be encouraged. One of the most important
strategies is that one of identifying potential women since they are many with
talents but are not given a chance to express themselves. However, even other
strategies are also important and need to be encouraged. 


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