Introduction developed by captivating inspiration from nature. Natural


materials are the materials which are developed by captivating inspiration from
nature. Natural edifices have inspired humans to invent various things which
will ease the work of human beings. Some specimens of this type of natural
structures are honeycomb structure of the bee hive, spider silks assets,
mechanism of bird flight, and shark skin water repellence. Nature provides us a
wide range of materials with various functions which provide material scientist
a source of inspiration to do a research on them to create something
productive. There are many opportunities for us to learn from biological world,
about hierarchical structuring on damage repair and self-healing. Biomimetic
material research is a rapidly growing and a promising field. They allow cells to function, eyes to
capture and interpret light, plants to stand up to the light and animals to
move or fly. These variety of solutions have always motivated the mankind to
make devices and material which makes simple our day to day operations. Biomimetics
technology is being used in various areas such as design, agriculture,
chemistry, Pharmaceutical.

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Some stimulating examples that shelter biomimetic
is as follows: – …………………………. Electric
nose senses the chemical constituents of an odor and completes examination
to find it based on that data. Every fragrance is prepared by molecules and
each molecule is a specific size and shape, which resembles to a similar-sized
and shaped receptor in the human nose. When detailed receptors in a human nose collect
their identical molecules, they send signals to the brain, which recognizes the
smell related with those precisely molecules. Electronic noses grounded on the
biological model grind similarly, replacing sensors for receptors and spreading
the signal to a software program for dealing out, reasonably than to the brain.

Other likely applications of biomimetic include Nano Robot antibodies that pursue and
abolish disease-cause bacteria, artificial organs, artificial arms, legs,
hands, and feet, and numerous electronic devices. One of the fascinating ideas
is called biochip, a microprocessor that cultivates from a first course crystal
in the same way that a seed nurtures into a tree, or a fertilized egg matures
into an embryo.


on Biomimetic

It analyses extremely composite
biological structures, devices, schemes and actions so as to change new
process and system thoughts in relations of several applications.Biomimetics give evidences of
all application approaches that happen in bionic investigation actions as
well as the utensils and procedures required for the leadership and
teaching of interdisciplinary squads.It aids us recognize the
cutting-edge ethics in energy bionics, energy equipment, environmental
tools and state-of-the-art organizations in solar technology, the solar
power industry and many more.Biomimetics exercise social
services which are established in interdisciplinary project lineups and
outings and skills from the grounds of business administration, statement
technology, project and inventions in supervision & demonstration.It is functional in numerous
trial and imitation methods for diagnosing, understanding, creative
thinking and interdisciplinary conferring as well the advanced progress of
new technological methods, processes and their methodical structures in
the range of power peer group technology.

Learnings so Far

Ø  It
helps us to analyse natural mechanisms and thus make our lives easy and smooth.

Ø  Biomimetics
is a platform where one can discover new devices, with inspiration from nature.

Ø  Many
researchers came up with ideas, devices and views like geckos, hydrophilic
&hydrophobic, inspiration from birds(kingfisher) for flight’s stability

Ø  Some
of the topics which we learned in class are

1.      Lotus
effect is the self-cleaning of lotus leaves which can be used for self-cleaning
wall paints.

2.      About
kingfisher bird how they dive into water to catch the prey without any splash
so this technology will be used for bullet trains.

3.      Shark
skin suits which is covered with tentacles which are used to reduce drag while
swimming it will be used to make swim suits.

Ø  In
the class we came to know about technologies and intelligence complex behind
the things that we are by means of in our day-to-day life. This equipment was designed
from the wonders happening from the nature.

This passage has familiarized us with
some of the process and method of establishing principals through observation,
experimentation and constructing model of living organisms. Biomimetic products
are successful in market. They are very resource efficient and have a very high
degree of additional importance. Henceforth the future development of these merchandises
will help us in making a resource effective economy. Developed countries are participating
seriously in this for future advances. Soon we will able to spread ourselves to
subsequent stage where with the help of newly revealed biomimetic chiefs we can
generate an economy that will trail a natural calculation and progress.

my opinion this subject is very important for us as it is familiarizing us with
the technologies that are behind what all we see in our daily life. This
subject should be made compulsory in our academics because some of the students
are not from the science background so it will help the non-science students to
get familiarize with these things. This subject should be linked with SIP
subject so that students can get the practical exposure on biomemic.






EAR” that can both accept and communicate sound, Remedial Xpress described. 
The antenna, molded like a human ear and published with a 3-D printer, can élite
up radio signals and spread the signal to presenters.

It is habitually used to detect the massive
bionic ear eavesdropping devices used by police force, nationwide security amenities
and SWAT (Team of police that deals with dangerous criminals) squads everywhere
in the world for isolated eavesdropping, the term is also been used to designate
a minor portion of apparatus. It is also recognized as a turning or parabolic
microphone, surveillance instrument is able to sense and magnify dialogues from
numerous hundred meters missing. In disparity to this, the distant slighter
units, which would be extra precisely labelled as cochlear implants, are planned
to promotion those with range problems that may not be determined by the custom
of unadventurous benefits.

The goal is to bargain some earnings to reward
for deafness that has been an extended one and focused typically at numerous
methods by which to increase sounds adequately for them to be caught by those
with changing degrees of hearing injury. Primarily, all of the efforts were intended
at on condition that modest acoustic strategies such as horns and dialog tubes
that could be used to strait outdoor sounds unswervingly to the ear channel. It
was only with the discovery of the telephone that the mission of augmentation
by electrical means, still depend upon nowadays, lastly became imaginable.

From that fact the evolution from vacuum pipes,
first to the distant smaller transistors eventually, to hard state electronics
and chips has understood these conservative intensifications gradually attractive
minor and lastly attainment the opinion where they are nearly unnoticeable without
very adjacent inspection. Nonetheless, these reliefs continue and is unable to remedy
firm kinds of deafness and a bionic ear heeding means can habitually be a feasible

Reduced hearing outcomes largely from moreover
some problematic with the instruments that demeanors sound to the inward sensual
organs of the ear or in the fleshly apparatus itself and is confidential as
sensorineural deafness or atmosphere conductive. Distinguishing the two is a mission
for an audiologist such as folks found at the several Ear Institute Clinics everywhere
around South Africa. They demeanor manuscripts to measure the amount of injury
and categorize its origin as sensory, endorsing and providing with the suitable

In physical injury the character of a transplant
is to auxiliary for the cochlear hair booths by producing electrical whims, in answer
to sounds acknowledged, that are comparable to the nerve indicators produced by
vigorous, undamaged cells. However, the sounds alleged are not undistinguishable
to ordinary dialogue they are effortlessly unstated with preparation and tolerate
operators to demeanor customary discussions and relish music etc.

In unembellished conductive deafness, an imbed
can avoid the reduced path and, yet again, assist to progress the wearer’s
hearing. The Ear Institute will be contented to evaluate our appropriateness
for a bionic ear listening device.






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