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In other words, cloud computing offersusers the ability to benefit from available resources anywhere using any devicecapable of accessing a cloud platform in the easiest way possible. Using cloudcomputing, a user does not only benefit from storage services but also from theavailability of tasks such as sharing files, pictures, documents, gettingaccess to different programs and software on devices with limited RAM andprocessing power, in addition to the ability to synchronize calendars andcontacts. These services provided by the cloud are categorized into three servicemodels. The first is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that provides virtualhardware such as servers, networks and storage that helps users build a virtualinfrastructure with the same functionality as a physical one.

For instance,Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure. The second is Platform as a Service(PaaS) where methods for tools to be developed are provided to easily interactwith databases, web servers and file storage. The user manages building theapplication and does not worry about the complexity of the infrastructure,software licenses and development tools. In this case, Google App engine,Salesforce are a known example.

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The third service is Software as a Service(SaaS) where the cloud service provider offers a complete software solution usingthe “pay as you go” purchase model. For example, Office Web Apps, GoogleDrive3.Due to all the services that cloudcomputing offers, its popularity has greatly increased and with the evolutionof smartphones, accessing cloud storage services has spread even more. In 2016,the world’s largest research firm, Markets and Markets, estimated that thecloud storage market will grow to USD 74.

94 Billion by 2021(“Cloud Storage Market by Solution & Service – 2021 |MarketsandMarkets,” 2016).Cloud computing is not only for businesses and large organizations but it hasbecome available to all types of consumers with the development of mobile cloudapplications, in recent years. Amazon Drive is a widely used cloud mobileapplication that offers online storage utilities.

It will be using thisapplication that this research will be conducted. 


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