In they meant the same thing but they


In my essay I’m going to be
talking about the difference between are you afraid or are you scared? From
creating work that I would say scares me I asked myself a lot am I afraid or am
I scared? I always thought they meant the same thing but they really don’t in
some cases afraid and scared are interchangeable the grammar is different. They
are all adjectives and express almost the same degree of fear.

Such as another word used if
frightened its mainly used to talk about sudden fear. I feel like frightened is
used when you talk about fears for instance “I am frightened of heights” or the
calming saying “don’t been frightened nothing will hurt you” Its used mostly to
describe frightening experiences more then your own personal feelings.

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 I’ve been doing research to find out the real
meaning. FRIGHTENED implies a fear that usually gives rise to an
inner disorder and temporary loss of self-command bordering on and often
involving paralysis of muscle. AFRAID, however, is the most general of the
three and usually implies a deep-seated though not necessarily outwardly
apparent reaction of fear. SCARED is same as frightened in intensity but
suggests a more all-inclusive childlike reaction. as that of running away,
trembling, or acting in ways that for adults would be foolish and irrational.

All three adjectives can be
used in many different ways as an example

She was too scared to raise
her voice.

I am not afraid to tell the

I am too frightened to stay
alone in this house.

There’s many different
meanings but I wanted to know if artists have that in mind when creating work is
there aim to have viewers feel certain feelings when looking at their work?


Such as marina Abramovic she
creates the most surreal work and takes experiments to the next level. She
created this performance called Rhythm O which from an article by  Jacoba

Which he says “Frightening
experiment” She describes her audience like dogs “The audience is like a dog. They can feel immediately that
you are afraid, that you are insecure, that you’re not in the right state of
mind?—?and they just leave…” which is the aim, her aim is to have
her audience touched on the deepest level possible.

has made her audiences not merely bystanders or even participants but, as Paul
Schimmel, chief curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles,
observes, “actually complicitous.” Her harrowing Rhythm 0 (1974) was a
groundbreaking example. Abramovi? stood passive for six hours as audience
members in Naples, Italy, took turns doing whatever they wanted to her. She had
laid out 72 objects, including a gun and a bullet, on a table for their use.
She still bears a scar on her chest from a knife’s blade—and she shows it off
like a battle wound. One man sucked her blood; one pointed the gun at her,
though another took it away. “This is the thing,” she says, “you see how the
public doesn’t have limits.” Abramovi? wanted to re-create the work at the
Guggenheim Museum in 2005 as part of her “Seven Easy Pieces” show, which
reimagined some of her peers’ classic works, but the museum refused out of fear
for her safety. “Everybody’s afraid of the people here,” she says. Her
willingness to put her life in jeopardy could logically raise questions about
her sanity…. In the performance Rhythm 0 (1974) she invited the public to threaten her body,
this performance artwork was very shocking, but in fact also very interesting
to investigate. When you look past the nastiness, you can see that this artwork
had the power to transform the audience. Where spectators usually only look at
an artwork, the audience became part of the artwork itself. On top of that, the
individuals were facing an ethical struggle: whether to harm or to help Marina.
Some people completely lost their minds and one person almost shot the artist.
This artwork is definitely an interesting experiment to the human mind.

performance lasted for six hours once It had all ended Abramovi? stood up with
tears in her eyes, blood dripping from various part of her body and then walked
towards the audience, the audience scattered nobody wanted to confront the
actions they had laid apon her, animated version of the passive figure they had
been abusing. When researching I really wanted to know how she wanted to audience
to feel or even if she wanted them to feel anything in some way. But from
watching interviews and reading articles there’s nothing I could find of real
feelings toward what she wanted them to feel expect that the audience is like
dogs which they are afraid almost straight away. Which I think was the idea over
all. “I test the limits of myself in order to
transform myself,” she says, “but I also take the energy from the
audience and transform it. It goes back to them in a different way. This is why
people in the audience often cry or become angry or whatever. A powerful
performance will transform everyone in the room.”


Her work makes
me feel uncomfortable and frightened, I feel like frighten is a much stronger
word when describing a fear. It’s the fact that she was hurt and the audience
that had done it almost ran away from the room so they wouldn’t be faced. As during
the performance, she was silent for the whole time so when it’s over she could confront
them but I think when it was over the audience was scared of the outcome of their
actions. Which I do think was her aim to have them scared but not afraid to
take part. Marina started
pioneering her legendary performances all the way back in the seventies, a time
when performance art was still very new and exciting in Europe. Marina was no
ordinary girl. Already at art school she refused to use traditional mediums
such as painting and sculpture. She didn’t need no paint or brushes to create

 She used her own body as a medium and therefore
cut down the distance between the artist and the audience. The results were surprising even to her. Every day several
people broke down in tears, usually after just a few minutes of silent staring.

personal blogs and MySpace, people shared their experiences of sitting with
Marina which I did find a lot of just people sharing their experience and
feelings on blogs but kept it short and didn’t really go into much detail at
all. “I gazed into the eyes of many people who were carrying such pain
inside that I could immediately see it and feel it,” she says, still
sounding excited. “I become a mirror for them of their own emotions. After
10 minutes of starting people were collapsing into tears and weeping like a
baby.” People where really effected by the results of
her work some for good and some for better.

I found a
blog where a photographer had captured the moments where the first few tears
fell and the different reactions on their faces show many different feelings.
The blog was called Marina Abramovi? Made Me Cry

 I picked three images that I thought all different
feelings and expressions. People react differently to the same situation all
three photos are in the matter of minutes of each other. When the photo was
taken when they were sitting arcos from Abramovi?
but there were going sitting for Just under two minutes. For me all their faces
have different feelings the first being she’s afraid to be sad so the smile is
trying to hide that fact she’s crying, as crying for some people can be embarrassing
and that’s I get when I took at her photo. The second one I feel like something
hit home and where the eyes are closed it blocks out the sight of the world in
front of her  


the last day, when the queue was several thousand strong, one man walked into
the circle of light, stuck his fingers down his throat and threw up. “It
was an enormous amount of liquid he was carrying inside,” she says.
“I am almost certain he was a performance artist.”

It is hard now
to get a word in, but when she pauses for breath, I ask her why she thought her
presence had such an extraordinary effect on people. Was this art as therapy,
or something much deeper? “Oh, it’s plain to me that this is something
incredible. I give people a space to simply sit in silence and communicate with
me deeply but non-verbally. I did almost nothing, but they take this religious
experience from it. Art had
lost that power, but for a while Moma was like Lourdes.”






really wanted to find artist who had an idea of what they wanted their viewers
to feel a certain feeling and I feel that Colin Christian really does that he
creates a wide range or surreal work he creates these doll like figures and
faces. One day he was having a bad day and was a direct response to some bad
news he’d heard and created one of many from tryophobia series. He had one of
his usual doll faces and started digging away at the face with all kinds of
tools and it was the more he took away the happier he was getting and the sign
of relief, it was created really quickly because of how he was feeling that
day. He explains that normally the eyes of the doll creations are very clean
and pure but for this piece he wanted it to be distressed but he still wanted
his usual features such as glitter on the face. So somehow the blindness would
seem somewhere attractive and there was effect there to try and make herself
still seem beautiful despite all that’s happening to her face because this is
one really pretty war.

He goes on to
explain some of his work and says some of them purely make him feel uncomfortable
he describes some of his work as “weird” There’s the idea of them looking disgusting
that’s not really the idea. On the first glance that can be it certainly viewed
at that but there’s also sense of melancholy in the sense of loss and a lot of
his previous work is very high sheen it has very beautiful lines and is
automotive and positive optimistic and he couldn’t help still inserting some of
those elements into something you know that definitely was also profoundly sad
and has a sense of loss. He found himself trying to throw in some of them
elements that he found were in his old work, the shininess represents some
level of hope to some degree of the other work. He always has secret elements
in his work but every piece of his has you just have to look hard for it. He
focuses on body features that he’s attracted to such as the women’s back tearing
up the parts he really loves and deconstructing what he finds beautiful.

From looking
back at all the pieces when he first made with the teeth he found himself reposed
then when researching he found things that freaked him out to get more ideas
and create more work. He tried to freak himself out and  try find the places where it was horrible for
him and embrace that and he represents that in his show and pushes himself to
the point whether it’s beautiful and at the same time pushes you away. He tried to freak myself out and try and find the places
where you know where it was horrible for me so that’s anything. I’d say our
mild contrived the phobic and I embrace that I try to, that’s what you see in
all the show I try to push myself so till it takes to that point whether it’s beautiful
and the same time it pushes you away I wanted a very visceral response that was
really what I was trying to do.

He has a piece called Inside a
more melancholic piece and it very raw, he says that he made the piece very
quickly and he wanted to get try an idea of how beautiful the women’s neck is and
the detail is a hole within a hole inside her neck and that would take away
from the beauty of the face. He says he had to dig away at her neck which he
found really beautiful he adds that she still has her make up done in a effort
to maybe try and make things okay but it’s a fail but very sad. He’s so attractive
to the human body and using it as a canvas and then creating into something new
and different. The whole reason he uses teeth is that he has dreams/nightmares
about teeth and them falling out, and he researched and saw its two signs of
sickness or a distressing personal thing, all his sculpture is extremely

I really like the way his
really honest with the Journey he’s created with his work and bringing in
personal issues to create something so surreal but so intriguing at the same



         What I think

How it makes me feel

why I think it makes me feel
like that

is it the artist plan to make
people feel like that



a piece of art scares you yet your still looking at it but slowly backing away
from it 


it gives you. Whole new feeling you have mother felt before 


its disgusting but almost beautiful in its own way 


summarise are you afraid or are you scared? From watching interview and seeing
both artists body langue I would say both artists are scared about what they
are creating and want viewers afraid but in the way to keep on looking. You don’t
want to look away; your compelled to look away but you can’t you want to kind of
yank all the teeth out and fill in the holes it’s just a strange visual
physical response I don’t understand but I think you don’t need to. Colin says
he gets it he understands he’s scared but he needs to creating the work, when
he sees them they make him feel uncomfortable, and the more uncomfortable he
feels he knows the work it right. Which I can relate to in my own work and
trying to create something that is hard but when you know you’re scared it’s
the right pieces to present.

more I look at it the more it’s making me sick but I just can’t stop looking
I’m getting slightly anxious now as is making me feel horrible. Once I’ve
walked away that’s all I think about I see it in every angle the smallest
details the colours almost shift in the light I didn’t forget the piece and I
think when that happens the artist is a winner. Which I think both Colin and ma…. Both have that
in mind with both their work

I’m scared of something I just seem to shut it out and try to think about it
but when I see a  piece of art that
scares me I just can’t stop think about it. I close my eyes and it just appears
in my head. How did they make that? Why did they put that there, all these
questions and then I think to myself they started from nothing but it to make that?
Then there’s nothing scary about it, its all in your head really. Colin says he
wants views confused he wants all the questions why? How? Is makes people





When doing reaseach I found a
an artist called…….. and hes aim wasn’t to make people scared or feel gross it
was too make people feel…..



I reslly wanted to push
myself to not be affarid and researching into artist that









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