In services are charged based on the distance(RM30

In operational section, Kitty’s Crib Sdn. Bhd. operation hour started from 9 a.m until 9 p.m. and it will opened every day except on Monday. Kitty’s Crib Sdn. Bhd has five workers who will involve directly to the business process.  Kitty’s Crib Sdn. Bhd will provide to the customer of high-quality care and services to their cat. Beside the boarding services, there also provide another services which is free cat consultation services, grooming services and also cat taxi.Charges and ratesBoarding Service Grooming Service Cat TaxiNormal seasons• RM 25/Night/Room(include food, water and litter) Basic grooming• RM30 – RM50**depends on the type and size of fur cat Transportation services are charged based on the distance(RM30 – RM60)Peak seasons• RM 30/Night/Room(include food, water and litter) “Kutu” grooming• RM70 (Machiko Flea shampoo) Fungus grooming• RM80      (Malaseb shampoo) Check-in and Check-out timePet guest are welcome to check-in or check-out their pets at any time during ours lobby hours.Hotel facilities The numbers of hotel rooms in the shop is 20 room which size around 4 feet x 3 feet with suite litter box. Beside, our facilities is 24-hours air conditioning and also provide premium diet food of high quality food and fresh water daily during the cat boarding here. However, the owners are welcome to bring their own food.Boarding Requirement The health and safety of cats is our priority. Knowing the dietary needs, exercise restriction or required for our guest help us provide the best experiences. If your cat is on medication, you must bring the medication together with your pet, while, if your cat is vaccination, it must be at least 48-hours prior to arrival under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian. Vaccine card is required. For other sickness, your cat must be free from rabies and others. This below that shows the operation budgets which are staff remuneration, equipment and other expenses.STAFF REMUNERATIONNo Position No of Staff Monthly Salary- (RM)-per staff Total Salary(RM) Net Salary1. Worker 5 800 3200 4,535.50EQUIPMENTItems Quantity @ Price per unit (RM) Total Cost (RM)Cat cottage 20 @ RM 150.00 3,000.00Air Conditioner 2 @ RM 800.00 1,600.00CCTV 2 @ RM 350.00 700.00Security Alarm 1 @RM 260.00 260.00Cashier Table 1 @ RM 300.00 300.00Cash Register 1 @ RM 850.00 850.00Hair Dryer 2 @ RM 85.00 170.00Nail Clipper 2 @ RM 15.00 30.00Insect Exterminator 2 @ RM 500.00 1,000.00 TOTAL 7,910.00VEHICLE EXPENSES RM RMPetrol 200 Vehicle Total 200OTHER EXPENSESItems Quantity @ Price per unit (RM) Total Cost (RM)Cat clamping sand 5 @ RM 30.00 150.00Shampoo 5 @ RM 15.00 75.00Conditioner [email protected] RM 13.00 65.00Toothpaste 3 @ RM 8.00 24.00Scratching pole 3 @ RM 20.00 60.00Little Box 20 @ RM 25.00 500.00Food Containers 25 @ RM 15.00 375.00Scoop 20 @ RM 6.00 120.00Towel 20 @ RM 5.00 100.00Comb 10 @ RM 8.00 80.00Hair Clip 10 @ RM 3.00 30.00Pet Coller 10 @ RM 20.00 200.00Pet Bad 20 @ RM80.00 1,600.00Cat Toys 15 @ RM 15.00 225.00Cat Food 1 @ RM 740.00 740.00 TOTAL 4,344.00


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