In quantity and another limitation is BoP approach

their Business Ethics Quarterly article: “The Poor as Suppliers of Intellectual Property: A Social
Network Approach to Sustainable Poverty Alleviation”, Sridevi Shivarajan
& Aravind Srinivasan(2013) have suggested different kind of poverty
alleviation approach for the poor to make them aware of global knowledge and
moving with society by gaining access to different kinds of resources so that
they can learn something and building the relationships between the poor and
non-governmental organizations and multinational companies. The authors extend
their work on studying “BoP approach (Base of Pyramid)” (2013, P381-406).
According to this approach poor are “value conscious” (Prahalad, 2005) and they
can’t afford excessive cost based products so MNC’s must develop the products
that are affordable to the poor. Still there is too much criticism around this approach
as it “lack of purchasing power and exploitation of poor and MNC’s should be
reasonable with excellent quality rather than quantity and another limitation
is BoP approach doesn’t adequately address the social impact” (Karani, 2007a).
So, the authors have come up with different kind of approaches by research to
answer the following questions: “1) How can the intellectual property of the
poor be harnessed and integrated into global knowledge networks? 2) How does
this integration lead to greater social inclusion of the poor? and 3) How can
this process lead to sustainable poverty-alleviation by also being beneficial
to those facilitating in this endeavor?

Poor has lack of knowledge so they don’t trust
everyone only NGO’s and HBN they have good relationship with poor and they know
these organizations are working for them. So, the author has suggested that
collaboration of NGO-MNC can change the phase of           

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behavioral, interactional and knowledge build up can be made possible for the
poor for developing efficiently and rapidly.


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