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In the current situation of warfare the battlefield has changed a lot, previously it was all dependent on human based intelligence inputs, now the winner is decided on how fluently and fast our forces can use technology. So for the current scenario getting inputs fast and live while maintaining stealth and silence has became a major factor. You will definitely lead any situation if you have the right inputs and you know everything about your targets. To get this done we need to incorporate the best of technology and use the modern equipments. The proposed solution deals with the same and is specially made to be as much stealthy and silent as it can be. This unmanned system can easily change the face of any operation by getting into the enemy territory and providing live feeds and details on the targets. The system has capabilities to negotiate with situation and get inside fortified camps or bunkers. The vehicle is amphibious, that is it can get through both land and water, as well as it has capability to work as a drone which can fly up to a favorable height in order to track objects and for surveillance. The vehicle also consist of various sensors and devices for surveillance like an onboard camera for video feeds and photos, a ultrasonic sensor array to know about the targets distance and some more sensors purely included to know the territory well. The platform also has an onboard embedded computer system which can process the data right there and send only useful things to the operations center and the Team handling it. The power of this device lays in the way it work and the easiness by which it can be controlled.


Q1. Some people work for the country by wearing uniforms and some work in the backend helping those who are at the fore front and facing the real challenge of protecting the country. We as budding engineers tend to do the second one by trying to provide our soldiers with the best possible technology to help them in protecting the nation. It is a dream of every engineering student to work for the great scientific and research institution DRDO and with DRUSE we see the opportunity to contribute to the development and technological advancement of the countries defense power. This opportunity will not only help us in exploring our dreams to be engineers but also give us immense opportunity to learn and innovate from some experienced minds and our fellow participants. Our main motive is to learn, ideate and apply to solve some complicated and diverse problems that exist in today’s warfare technology. We hope to fulfill our expectations and grow with this opportunity.

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Q2.  To solve a problem in today’s world, which are much diversified we need to work in cross domain teams. The same goes with our team as well, we are people from various disciplines of engineering and technology coming together to work on a common problem statement. Coming to our Knowledge and expertise, we have good knowledge on three major domains that are mechanics and hardware design, software technology and electronics. For ideating to prototyping to making the actual model we are using our knowledge gained during engineering in different fields. We also have good understanding of customizing a robotic and unmanned platform, programming controllers and onboard computer systems in a robot and designing and testing the bot. We learn and seek help from people whenever we are stuck with some problems. We also focus on innovation and creative design which helps us building something new. We believe learning never ends and we learn while we do the field work.


Q3. We don’t have any mentionable recognition but we have been participating in a lot of events making different solution to various problems that are held up there. Some of our recent participations include-

A smart IOT solution for water management and conservation using aurdino

A ROBOWARS platform which has a capability to fight with other bots in the arena.

A chatbot using Raspberry Pi prototyping platform

Contribution in making a Eco cart vehicle.

Developing cyber security solutions.

Q4. We have planned to exhibit our concept through graphics and 2D and 3D models. We are also working towards the prototype which we assume will be ready before the second level of DRUSE. We have our idea ready with all the necessary details and concepts which people would like to know about. Working towards the actual model may take up some time for us but that will also be done soon if all our designing and testing works on time.




7. Any idea needs a procedural approach to get its actual shape and working capability. The same applies to our idea as well now we are at the design and development phase. In this phase we tend to maximize the productivity of the system based on simulations, modeling and soft testing of the system. Before we proceed to the next level that is making the actual prototype we want to ensure that everything we have included and everything we have designed are according to the market standards and can be easily available to deploy. We are already in the phase of selecting best hardware and material suited for our platform. We want to make sure that the platform is economical and can be easily produced at later stages. After this we are planning to build a prototype for the same by making a custom build hardware and putting readymade onboard mechanism like the embedded computer and sensors. If the prototype goes well with what we have designed then the next stage will be to customize the electronics components by designing and developing our own components with the help of industry standards. Our main aim will be to make this platform fully customizable and remove everything from the prototype which are of no use for us, like there will be many things on the electronic components which can be customized and only useful things can be kept on board. This will not only make the platform more efficient but also make it lighter in weight and will give more up time. The next challenge that we tend to solve is to make the platform more efficient in respect of power consumption as now our efficiency in power is not so good. We will also have to look after the stealth and silence feature of the platform which as of now is just acceptable; we need to get some professional help in doing so. If we can archive that as well then we will go for the final model which will be the best of the platform we will make out. We will follow all the industrial regulations laid by various authorities in building the platform and will try our best to match with the latest industry standards. If everything is done successfully we will go for a patent of the design to secure our concept.



There are many things in today’s modern world which needs to be solved with technology and defence is one of the sectors which we have chosen to give contribution to. DRDO by conducting DRUSE has given us a good opportunity to help pursue our dreams in solving critical defence warfare technology related themes. With a lot of judgement and by verifying our capability we choose to take the theme Mobility of UGV over land, air and water as this theme also seemed challenging and can help out solving a major issue as well.


The given problem statement says that a team of elite commandos has to land up on a beach in order to enter a highly guarded and fortified area where they need to finish their task. The aim given in the problem statement is to make an unmanned ground vehicle which can negotiate through land air and water and can reach inside the fortress in order to do surveillance and collect some intelligence inputs. The platform should definitely be silent and stealthy. The major challenges that we perceived from the problem statement are that the proposed model should have aerial and hydro capabilities so that it can beat any terrain factor and reach its target with full capability. The second thing that needs to be taken care of is the stealth part as its main aim is surveillance so it should be able to dodge any such factor which can detect it. The third and major thing is its technical capability should have some major advantages in the form of sensors and data transmission so as to make it perfect in doing its job. Keeping all these factors as priority we started doing our design and development work towards our solution for the problem statement.



The proposed solution for the problem statement that we have chosen has been designed by the team. The current design is a combination of a drone which is attached to a base assembly that contains tank treads for movement. The vehicle is amphibious that is it can both work in land as well as in water. The tank treads that have been used in the designed vehicle is because of its qualities to sustain and go into any terrain. The whole of the assembly can be lifted by the four propellers that have been attached to the vehicle these are useful when the vehicle needs to go aerial. All the electronics and other important sensors are to be fitted inside the middle space assembly which will be tightly sealed to make it water proof.


Everything around us which is made by technology needs to have a great design. The design of our proposed solution has been made after many rigorous brainstorming sessions and considering all the prospective that needs to be taken care of. The final proposed design has been decided after eliminating three designs which had some design faults and was not approved by our faculty coordinator. In the final design all the proper changes have been done and it was made in accordance to our design goals.


The working of the designed platform is kept very simple and easy to handle. As this vehicle needs to work in multi terrain it has to have various drive systems and a single control for all those drive systems. The first thing that this vehicle needs to do is work in land for the same the treads have been proposed the treads will be driven by individual motor system in front and back, these treads can go over any terrain and can move forward and backward they can even work if the vehicle is upside down. The second thing in the platform is the flying system which will be taken care by the four propellers those propellers will be rotated by individual motors and thus will generate thrust to lift the platform. This system works similar to a normal quadcopter and can do everything a quadcopter can do. The flight path of the quadcopter can be controlled with the on board flight controller installed. Now comes the most challenging operation of the system that is going underwater or floating over water, so as soon as the platform is introduce to any water body the propellers that are used to give the bot aerial power will then be used to generate thrust to move the bot under or over water. The round propeller assembly in the design has been made flexible and can be moved easily about it axis in order to control the movement of the bot under or over water. The other parts of the platform like the sensors and helping devices can be directly used and controlled by the controller there is no special features on those things whenever necessary they can be turned on or off.


The bot will be controlled by using Radio Controls that is communication over radio frequencies. There will be an on board radio signal receiver which can receive signals based on the inputs given at the transmitter end this radio receiver module will be connected to an encoder decoder which can further convert the received signals into digital form and they can be used. The system will have dual control modes that is it can be controlled by either the team which is handling it or it can also be controlled by the command operation centre. All the live feeds from the bot will also be sent via radio communications. We are working on the encryption part so that all the communication that is done with the bot is encrypted and can be done undetectable, for the same we have also planned to make it useable over multiple bands so that it can switch control frequencies in case something happens. The control and communication side of this bot is yet to be looked properly and we are constantly working over it to make it more reliable and secured.


As the stealth and silence is one of the most important feature that needs to be incorporated into the bot so as to make it comply with the problem statement. We have tried our best to do that, some of the features of this bot makes it really good predator. The major challenges that were faced during the design were the sound coming from the propellers and the radio communication. For the sound we have made it as quadcopter and all the propellers have been put inside circular assemblies in order to reduce sound, the  second that proposed is that the motors will be covered around by sound proof foam so that I can absorb the sound and help to make it silent. The next challenge is to go undetectable as the platform is very small and does not emit a lot of heat it will be merely been visible to the radars and the dimension are made flat to help it for the same. When under water it can go slow and fast to evade any detection. We have planned to put a system which can help it finding blind spots in the security so that it can take advantage of those spots to hide itself and finish its task. For visual detection we have proposed to make it camouflaged. All these proposed things if proved successful can be a very good factor in making this platform go into and territory and come back without getting detected after finishing its task.    





The proposed design has been theoretically evaluated based on various mathematical and conceptual factors like the fly time has been calculated, the required thrust and power for lift has been calculated and the computation capability has been tested on software’s. Based on all the factors the final dimensions of the design has been decided and proposed. Further testing of the proposed platform needs the prototype which are being built. The prototype will be built based on various parts which will be used to get a rough idea on the feasibility of the design and its components. After the prototype is designed it will be tested without using any on board equipment’s and ones It clears all the feasibility test then the on board modules will be put into and it will be tested for proper working. All the parts that will be used during testing phase will contain read made prototyping boards and components.


If we qualify for the second round then we will refine our current idea and design and make all necessary changes and address all the problems that exist with the current design. By the next level we will able to present our prototype as well. We will work on our prototype as it will give us detailed ide on how our design will work. We will also conceptualize everything which we couldn’t do now like the effective communication mechanism, adding more sensors to perform various different methods to collect data. Overall it will be the better form of our current designed platform.


If we further qualify for the third level we will make the actual model of the proposed solution and try to present it as how it will be actually while working at real scenarios. The best of all the designed models and will also have all the features. It will be best we can present.



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