In perfect, even as your Father which is

In the sermon on the mount the saviour beckoned us to be “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” In our journey of mortality and our strife for perfection it is enediveble that along the way we may, at times, fall short. That we may fail in our endeavours!   I have seen this in my life countless times and to be quite frank in these experiences have been quite disheartened! Throughout the years though, and as  look back I have come to understand that failure is essential to our growth and our quest for perfection. That in the midst failure, if we allow it, and as we stretch ourselves, we may find with in our selves things that we did not already know and that we could not learn in any other way. John c Maxwell once stated that, “Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them.” I have found this quote to be very true for my life! Perfection is reached and and fulfilled within our failures. As we are stretched and we reach for our goals, although the outcome not be what we had in mind, within the process we become stronger and become better!Earlier on my mission my Companion and I had set a goal too help one of our investigators make it into the waters of baptism. She was an amazing women her name was Inese. She was a mother of two children that came from very humble circumstances. When I first started working with her she had came to church once but never sence. We did everthing in our power to help her but one thing was holding her back! She was living with her boyfriend! We addressed the situation and had sorted out a plan to where they could get married right before Christmas. As the months went by and closer to her baptism got we could feel the anticipation in the air. It was about two weeks before the weeding and her baptism when we received a text to go over to her house. When we had arrived you could tell there was something wrong. She then went on to explain how her bboyrfriend was against being married and how she would have to wait longer to be baptised! We were devastated! I remember just feeling sick to my stomach. Life contoured on though. A week later we found ourselves at her house for Christmas eve dinner. We had a great time! Something happened that I will never forget. AT the end of the night we were sitting down and the room went silent after all the fun and excitement and inese had truned to us! She then went on to bear an amzing testimony how the church had changed her life. That night I relised something amzing. Although inese did not make her goal for baptism she had changed so much along the way. Often times It is very easy to get caught up in the end goal that we totally forget about the process that changes and stretches us.As I attend school I plan to do just this. I believe many students especially with the fierce competition these day and for the need for a good gpa and transcripts will take classes that will fit for there basic needs! Although these are important I will not let this not stretch my self during the years I attend university! I dream and desire to take classes and do things that will stretch me and not just do thing out of the desire to have good grades! That although because of it I might struggle I will grow and become the best version of my self Concluding thoughts closing paragraph


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