In , nouns are divided into two ,

In the English grammar , nouns are the most extensively used words . Infact , occurrence of nouns is significantly more than all other niches of words in English . Hence , nouns are among the integral pillars of language , thus it is among the first topics to be taught in an English class . Consequently, for a strong command in language , emphasis is laid on this topic . let us explore the world of nouns .
Definition – A noun is a word that is simply used to name a person , place , animal , thing , feeling etc. A noun can refer to a wide range of the above mentioned terms . In addition to this , nouns can be applied to concrete things (can be seen and touched) and abstract things . Hence there is an arsenal of ways for their classification . Let us dwell upon the most frequently used classification .
In this classification , nouns are divided into two , which are further divided into other niches , i.e. –

Let us explore these further –
Concrete nouns refer to those things or are names of those things that can be touched and seen . Such objects have real and concrete bodies , and physically exist in reality . These nouns are further classified into –
1. Proper or particular nouns
2. Common nouns
3. Collective nouns
4. Material nouns

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• Proper nouns – A proper or particular noun refers to a specific thing , and helps in differentiating it from others . It points towards that particular thing and these nouns are mostly specific names of a person , place , animal or thing . A proper noun always begins with a capital letter , which is a simple way to identify them . Examples – Ram ,James , Kolkata , London , Diwali , Friday ,Geeta etc.
• Common nouns – Common nouns are the common names used to refer a person , place or thing . Unlike proper nouns , these do not point out or single out a specific person , place or thing but rather refer to the name which is commonly used for proper nouns with similar properties . Examples are – book , boy , man , woman , street , ground , shirt etc.
• Collective nouns – A collective noun is a name given to a collection of common nouns which are similar to each other . It is used to group various common nouns and specifically denotes their collection , taken as one complete entity . Examples – class , mob , team , army, pile , pack , pride , litter etc.
• Material nouns – A material noun , as the name suggests ,  is the name given to a material , which are used to manufacture other objects. Examples – stone , paper, glass , gold , all metals etc.
Abstract nouns –
Unlike concrete nouns ,  abstract nouns refer things that do not have physical significance but are abstract i.e. can be felt and have virtual existence . Examples – happiness , sorrow , poetry , music , hunger , all kinds of emotions etc .
They can be derived from –
1. Adjectives – e.g. proud – pride , weave – web , true – truth etc.
2. Verbs – e.g. close – closure , steal – stealth , serve – service etc.
3. Common nouns – e.g. thief – theft , boy – boyhood , slave – slavery etc .
NOTE : A single thing can be example of multiple niches of classification of nouns . 


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