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In this essay,
I will put forward the ways in which television consumption can be gendered and
how, I will discuss this in relation to different TV genres and how it is
consumed by different genders and if this has an effect on the audience
watching. I will also explore the different types of technology and how the
introduction of technology into a family home and how it created different impacts
in the family home depending on your gender or role within the family.  


Television has
many different types of genres which appeal to all genders for different
reason, television can be made with the intention of appealing to a gender
because the TV shows has to market themselves in order to gain an audience. However,
the idea of a television show having to have certain aspects to appeal to a
gender is an old fashioned outdated idea. (find
quote???) Meyrowitz
Joshua (1999) discusses in his text that people
don’t need material to be aimed at one gender because it is not as important as
previously before, he feels that audiences just enjoy and consume content
regardless of it being aimed at their gender or not. Women are able to escape
the reality of life through television.

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One genre of
a television show that aims to appeal more to women than men is a talk show,
this is a kind of format which intends to discuss women’s issue and bring in
the idea of feminism.  Talk shows and how
they are consumed by women has impacted feminism because everyday topics discussed
on television has made feminism more mainstream and the everyday women feels
accepted and able to have these discussions. Talk shows is a type of television
show where a host is given a platform to talk to an audience about chosen
topics with guest. A talk show presented by women are often seen as a genre
where women feel that they have a voice feminism is often a key theme in TV shows
fronted by women. These shows have an audience because the shows are keen to
relate to women these by having women on the show that are strong and
empowering and discuss this on the show, which is why they have an audience and
are often so sought after because in a male dominated society they are
providing a platform for women.  However,
talk shows of this nature like Loose Women are often criticised by the way they
discuss topics, with people arguing that if it was the other way around and it
was men then it would be sexist, this is where this type of genre is consumed
differently by women and men, women tend to see these shows as a positive
impact where as men see talk shows negatively.


fronted talk shows like loose women and Oprah are often used for guests to
share experiences which induces audience participation on these issues, this is
why these talk shows are aimed at women because topics discussed on female fronted
talk shows discuss women’s issues. Talk shows are often criticised for the way guests are treated and
exploited on the show with people claiming that talk shows often have no regard
for the guest’s other than the few minutes they are on air.  ‘A common criticism is that they manipulate
and exploit their guests, using and often ambushing them for dramatic effect
and then simply dumping them without any concern for their well-being.’
(Rosalind 2007 P:152) This idea comes from guests appearing on talk shows like
loose women, this criticism is often described by those watching the show. These
negative views is where television consumption separates gender and shows the
difference in opinion between men and women and separates their views.  


Talk shows
can be classified into three different ways, breaking down what a talk show is
and into different categories. The audience discussion show is when a TV host
has a discussion with an invited studio audience, a classic example of this is
when the host will discuss a topic and then ask members of the audience what
they think of the topic, this is TV shows like Oprah Winfrey. This type of talk
show would be aimed at women because Oprah Winfrey is a powerful feminist who
wants to empower women. The therapeutic genre is a set format where the host
tells the camera about certain topics and then will talk to guests and audience
members to gain opinions on the topic, this is TV shows like loose women. This
kind of talk show would be aimed at women as these talk shows would discuss women’s
issues. Whereas confrontation talk shows is different because the aim of the
show is to create controversy between guests, this is TV shows like Jeremy
Kyle. Shows like this don’t have an underling gender audience. Each type of
talk show is different and sets out to create a different environment. Talk shows
are an example where a genre is focused more on women than men, these types of
talk shows target women to inform and discuss important topics about women. Whereas
this type of show is not made to target men because a popular opinion is
that men don’t talk about issues.



If a talk
show is hosted by a woman then women often use this opportunity to empower
women and create a platform for women. This idea
is proven by Oprah who had an majority female team CRITICALLY ENGAGE FIND AN
ARTILCE WHICH PROVES POINT. ‘That talk shows break up the almost homogeneous white middle class of
most other television.’ (Rosalind 2007:172) This allows everyone of all
different backgrounds to be a part of television and feel included whereas
other shows on television don’t do this and women can feel that they’re not
part of the conversation. Talk shows has allowed feminism to become more
mainstream, and allows a genre of television aimed at female consumption. ‘Television
has given women an outside view of their incarceration in the home.’ (Meyrowitz
P:101) Meyrowitz talks about how for some women they are able to look to
television as an escape from feeling trapped in their own home.  ADD MORE


introduction of technology impacts traditions of a family and how as technology
improves it continues to change old traditional family set ups, and how this
can affect gender roles within a family unit. A television being brought into
the family home to begin with changed what was a normal family set up. Families
would have to get used to the idea of a television as it felt like a big
change. ‘The introduction of the machine
into the home meant that family members needed to come to terms with the
presence’ (Spigel 1992 P:36) The idea of a television being brought into the
family home was something that families had to get used to being the normal.
Televisions were meant to bring family members together as well as having other
interactions in the family home, rather than creating a bad situation within
the family. The
introduction of technology impacts the traditions of a family and how as
technology improves it continues to change old traditional family set ups, and
this can affect the gender roles within the family. Televisions were seen as
bad for families because families felt that it would make them become less
sociable with each other. CRITICALLY ENGAGE.


Over time the
introduction of technology has changed the idea of a family set up in a home
and this has effected gender roles. When a television was first introduced into
the family home it began to question the father’s role in taking care and
disciplining the children this was down to how advertising was portraying
televisions in home and how this effected men and their role within the family
unit. ‘Television particularly threatened to depose the father.”(Spiegel, Lynn
1992:60) Television became an aid in helping look after children and when televisions
were first introduced it helped women massively because children could watch television
while women did other jobs. Portrayal of men in television shows were less then
flattering for the men. When televisions were introduced women were homemakers
and a television gave women a different view of the world and made their lives
easier. ‘A threatening machine that robbed men of their domination in the home.'(Spiegel,
Lynn 1992:60) This idea of man’s power being robbed from them by technology
suggests how much power a man had in his family home over his wife and children
as they were worried how a television would affect the family unit, this shows
how men don’t want to be undermined by his family and fears a television can do
that, which affects gender roles.  CRITICALLY ENGAGE EXPLAIN LESS.


As televisions
were being in introduced into the family, it was felt that televisions were
being used by parents to make looking after their children easier and also it
gave children a reason to stay in the family home rather than disappearing. ‘Typically,
also television was considered a remedy for problem children.’ (Spiegel, Lynn
1992:45) This idea makes it clear that televisions were used in family homes by
parents to try and keep children out of trouble buy keeping them busy with
watching television, this gave women the opportunity to have something to look
after their children without being invasive and over controlling but still be
able to be concerned. CRITICALLY ENGAGE. The introduction of the television and
its effect on the children makes you wonder what the effect could be on the
adults in the family home suggests the idea of how television consumption could
change gender roles because it gives women the idea to watch and see something
else than being the home maker in the house waiting for the husband to get
home. ‘Television threatened to drive a wedge between family members.’ (Spiegel,
Lynn 1992:65) Because the new technology affected how the family were with each
other they didn’t just have each other’s company anymore they all had new
technology to watch, and didn’t have to rely on each other as much.


families got used to technology developing and it being a part of the family
home families had to grow to get used to the television in the family room as
it took up a big part of a family set up. For some families, it gave them something
in common and they would spend more time together creating a nicer family
environment, as the impact of a television softened the parents as the children
would spend more time at home and it would bring the family together. ‘Television
was the great family that promised to bring mom, dad and the kids together; at
the same time, it had to be carefully controlled so that it harmonized with the
separate gender roles and social functions of individual family members.’
(Spigel, Lynn 1992:37) When a television was introduced into the family home family
members had to control the use of the television so that every gender was
consuming the television and that it didn’t disturb the family home. CRITICALLY ENGAGE.


Television consumption
can be gendered in different ways from the different types of television genres
to how the impact of technology in the family home affected family members. Female
fronted talk shows target women as their core audience and aim to give women a
voice and a platform for them to talk about experiences, this kind of television
show is more consumed by women as it is created for them. Televisions are aimed
at everyone but the original introduction of televisions into the family home
saw men originally feel less powerful, however some people felt that it brought
them closer together. Television consumption has had an impact on how people
view gender in television shows because people it is often felt that television
shows shouldn’t be created with the intention of forming gender stereotypes.  


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