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In 1367 the English colonists created a certain set of laws to save their failing rule in Ireland. The laws were created by the lieutenant at in the Irish parliament by Lionel of Antwerp. These laws or set of rules became to be known as Statutes of Kilkenny. The laws were put into effect to prevent English colonist from settling into Ireland and this would further discourage them to practice Irish customs. The statues outlawed the marriage between English and the Irish and banned the Irish from holding any positions in the English churches. These laws also prohibited the colonist from waging war without the approval from the English Crown. Laws were strictly enforced and those who violated them were severely punished which included land seizure, excommunication, and even death.

 The lieutenant of Ireland gathered at the Irish parliament in an attempt to regain his full control over the Irish Territory. The Statutes of Kilkenny were mainly focused on three different distinct groups: Anglo-Irish, English by birth, and the Native Irish. Majority of the land where owned by English administrator and absentee lords who choose to manage their land from England. The lack of present leadership played a role in the downfall of the English empire in Ireland. These laws clearly reflected the fact that these two nations were internally divided between the English groups and the native residents.Anglo-Irish have been a problem for the English long before the rebellious colonists. The Irish were taxed by the English and the money was not invested into their nations well being which later lead to the abandonment of the English, the lack of present leadership from the owners and their demand for protection only fueled the hate towards the English.

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The colonists were made more susceptible to Irish culture because of the black plague during the 14th century, which reduced the numbers of English immigrants to Ireland. The Statutes were an attempt to eliminate the Irish culture from the Anglo-Irish, it was an effort to get away from the native Irish, also it was to strengthen the relations between the Anglo-Irish and those born in England. The Statutes would also end the division between the Anglo-Irish and the England born. These implementations were highly discriminatory to Irish living in English controlled territory. They were not allowed to have any involvement in Churches and the Irish labor force was not allowed to travel without the consent of the English.In conclusion, the Statutes of Kilkenny failed to stop the Anglo-Irish form being affected by the Irish environment, customs, and culture.

This only displayed how the English failed to fully control their Irish settlement and their failure to stop the Irish customs from being adapted to the Anglo-Irish lifestyle. Those who broke the law were severely punished and could be punished by death. The government was weak and that lead many Anglo-Irish to disobey the new laws. England’s expansion was fueled by their desire for power and their ambition stretched their army thin and they were not able to fully control the Irish.


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