In both skilled leader and effective manager are

In the past, I have been seeing the terms “leadership”
and “management” as synonyms and often use them interchangeably throughout my
sentences, phrases and even in my essays. But in facts, leadership and
management are actually two different concepts as each of them has their own
defining characteristics even though leadership and management certainly do
share some similarities such as leaders and managers tend to work with groups
and they are concerned with goal achievement. However, despite those
similarities shared between leaders and managers, the concept actually portrays
different meanings.

This self-realization about leadership and management
are two different concept happens when I came across with some article wrote by
John Kotter, Daft, Keith Grint and Abraham Zaleznik. Before came across those
articles, there is a perception rooted in my mind for a very long time is that I
often think that leadership only involves with leading people while management
only involves with the managing processes. But right after reading the article
wrote by Daft, this article has deepened my understanding about leadership and
management where from now onwards, I learned that leadership is not only related
to on how to lead people but I also learned that leadership helps in creating
an organization’s vision and developing strategies for the future’s plans
whereas management also helps in planning, budgeting as well as minimizing the
risk in an organization instead of just focusing on the managing processes. For
example, a CEO of a company is often involving in creating the company’s
vision, developing strategies as well as communicating the vision and
strategies to all part of the organization as a whole. Conversely, a manager of
a company has very little opportunity to in charge the delivery of vision and
strategies but managers are responsible to ensure that the vision created by
the CEO is aligned with their work at hand. Not only that, “leaders tend to
seek to shape new ideas while managers tend to react to people’s idea” as
mentioned in the article wrote by Abraham Zaleznik, this has taught me that
actually leaders have the capability to inspire people to come out with new
ideas and leaders are also willing to spend their time with people to discuss
about the vision. On the other hand, managers are good in managing things like
paperwork and time instead of trying to inspire people to come out with new
ideas or solutions.

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Lastly, I found it really important for us to
understand the roles of leaders and managers played in an organization. As both
skilled leader and effective manager are essential in order to ensure the success
of an organization. For example, every organization requires an effective manager
that have the capability to ensure every task are run in a proper and smooth
manner. Not only that, every organization are also requires to have a skilled
leader that can help the organization to change and to proceed to a better
future. Thus, now I understand that the two terms ‘leadership’ and ‘management’
does not carry the same concept and meaning.


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