In addition, Porter supports men to create their

In Tony Porter’s A
Call to Men, the idea of manhood is significant for him and those around
him because he illustrates that male can express their emotion, not be
dominating and promote equality. First of all, Porter’s view about manhood is
important in society because it demonstrates that both women and men are able
to reveal feelings. For instance, when his father cries in front of him, he “looks
at this as this fear that they have as men, this fear that just them
paralyzed, holding them hostage to this man box” (“Tony Porter: A Call to Men”).
As we can see, Porter is shocked by his father’s tears, because in the man box they
are limited to have emotions in front of people. He realized that men are just
restricted by the social desirability but not really strong enough to ignore
the sadness inside their heart. Therefore, he wants to show readers that men can
be sad as well. In addition, Porter supports men to create their own path to
lead their unique life. As proof, nowadays when he thinks about the moment he came
out from the room with Sheila and saw a couple of boys waiting after him, he
feels “bad about what was happening” (“Tony Porter: A Call to Men”). Due to his
words, he is regretful about not refusing his friends invitation of being a
part of committing rape. Being surrounded by the wrong people will make a
person become negative; therefore, people say that similar things come
together. According to the idiom, it is crucial to determine whether spend
times with the wrong people or be the way you like. Last but not the least,
Porter’s point of view towards manhood is to respect the feminine rights. To illustrate,
men are the majority of seeing female as a property and objects, “so they’re
very much a part of the solution as well as the problem” (“Tony Porter: A Call
to Men”). This shows that both of the issue of violence against women and the
method to settle it is based on men. In order to resolve gender inequality, men
are supposed to treat women in the way they want to be treated, which includes
respect, friendly attitude and love. In conclusion, Porter tries to change the
society by teaching readers that boys are permitted to cry, are encouraged to
be yourself and are guided to the equal generation.




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