I off when she was selected as one

I am
writing you in support of the 2018-2019 UM Holland-High Potential Scholarship application
by Nur Fatin Syazana Mohd Redzuan. I am her advisor throughout this whole 3
years at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Business School. Fatin has enrolled in my
Entrepreneurship class two years ago and she stood out from the rest of the group
because of her obvious interest in the lectures. Fatin is one of my students
who received the highest grade for Entrepreneurship course. Thus, I am strongly
believed Fatin to be one of the most outstanding students I have had the pleasure
to supervise.

have known Fatin since her first enrolment in UniKL Business School and she is
an extremely introverted person back then. I believe Fatin can be a greater
person if she possesses good interpersonal skills and excellent academic
background. Therefore, I motivated her to participate and involve in campus
events and activities which will help her to build the self-confidence and soft
skills. She took my advice wisely and started to get involved in many
activities and events. I still remember the time she wanted to attend a walk-in
interview for Orientation Committee selection. As a result, she has been
selected as one of the Orientation Committee for January 2016 intake.

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is my first advisee who has the courage to apply for ERASMUS+ scholarship
(exchange program). I have never met someone who is highly determined to find
opportunities to go abroad for study purposes. While other students do not have
faith in themselves to even give it a try, Fatin is completely opposite from
the rest of the students.  Despite all
difficulties that she faced during the application period, she did not give up.
I admired her persistence to achieve her dream. Her hard works paid off when
she was selected as one of ERASMUS+ scholarship recipients at Kozminski
University, Poland. I am proud of her efforts and achievements as the
scholarship selection is highly competitive.

Fatin has successfully completed her internship at Integro Technologies Sdn Bhd.
I am glad that the supervisor company is really impressed with Fatin’s work
ethics and problem-solving skills. Her communication skills are highly proven
especially when she needs to deal with phone calls, conduct interview sessions
and handle face-to-face meeting with the representative from recruitment agencies.
This shows that she is matured enough to handle critical situations by herself.

has shown her deep interest to further her studies in MSc IB/Entrepreneurship
and SME Management at Maastricht University. Problem Based Learning approach
will definitely help Fatin to improve her critical thinking skills in how to
solve case studies and write thesis papers. She will definitely fully utilize
the opportunity given to her throughout the Master program at Maastricht
University. I believe she will gain more exposure towards learning approach,
culture, environment and much more. She is one of a kind as she is willing to
give her fullest to be the best. Overall, she is adaptable and flexible to a new
environment. This can be proven through her excellent academic performance
during her exchange program at Kozminski University.

conclusion, I am certain Fatin will be a very successful woman in the future.
Nevertheless, I believe she will be an inspiration to other students to pursue
their dreams as Salvador Dali once said: Intelligence without ambition is a
bird without wings. I strongly recommend her for the UM Holland-High Potential

do not hesitate to contact me if you have any enquiry regarding my advisee: Nur
Fatin Syazana Mohd Redzuan.


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