Hyundai part. Styling: • Cuda Designs Body Kit.

Hyundai Tiburon Project Completion Report Table of Contents Table of Figures2 Listing of Tables2 Executive Summary3 Methods5 Styling:5 Performance:6 Project Timeline8 Personnel8 Project Budget9 Final Results10 Table of Figures Figure 1: Stock Tiburon4 Figure 2: Konig Tantrum Wheel6 Figure 3: AOS CAI6 Figure 4: SR Headers6 Figure 5: Alpine Turbo Kit7 Figure 6: Kumho Tires7 Figure 7: 5 Zigen Muffler8 Figure 8: Final Car, Front10 Figure 9: Final Car, Side10 Listing of Tables Table 1: Project Timeline8 Table 2: Project Budget9 Executive SummaryThis completion report chronicles the project that our car tuning company completed for our customer. At a cost of $9160, we have transformed a stock Hyundai Tiburon, a respectable performer already into a high performance show car. We utilizes varioud body styling accessories and performance parts to bring it up from stock levels of 140hp and 133 lb/ft of torque to 230hp and 260 lb/ft of torque Introduction [pic][pic] Figure 1: Stock Tiburon The Hyundai Tiburon is a 2 door, sporty import car built in Korea. It has 140 horsepower and 133 lbs/ft of torque stock from the factory.Its main competitors are other sporty cars such as the Ford Focus ZX3, Honda Civic, Acura Integra, and Toyota Celica.

Some of the appeal of these types of cars is the vast array of aftermarket parts and accessories available to upgrade the performance and personalize the vehicles. A month ago, you approached our tuning shop regarding a car upgrade project for your Tiburon. You indicated to us that you desired a powerful car that can hold its own against similarly modified competitor cars, yet attractive enough in appearance to appear in automobile shows.We developed an upgrade plan for your car, which was presented to you in a proposal. You accepted the proposal and gave us the go-ahead to work on the car. The following report documents the project from beginning to end.

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Methods The following describes the components of work done on the car and has a summary of the installation of each part. Styling: • Cuda Designs Body Kit. This is an extremely attractive body kit manufactured in Korea by Cuda Designs, an internationally acclaimed design house. This kit carries with it exclusivity as only 100 kits are to be manufactured for North America.This kit comes unpainted and unassembled, so the installation will take a few days longer than a typical bodykit. $4500 + 500 paint and install charge The bodykit was fitted, primed, sanded and painted to match the color of the rest of the car.

Minor fitting problems typical to most bodykits were found; they were corrected easily. • Interior Neon Lights – Interior neon adds that personal touch and atmosphere for the interior. These illuminate your passenger and driver foot wells with a glow that others will admire.

An interior switch is installed on the left side of the steering wheel so that you can control these lights. 150 Two 15” blue neon lights were installed under the passenger and driver foot wells. They were connected to a constant 12V wire from the battery, and hooked up to a foglight replica switch directly opposite the factory foglight. • Tinted Windows – Provides privacy and shielding from the sun, as well as enhancing the appearance of your car. We use 3M metallic tint, and all the windows except the front windshield were tinted. $150 The rear windshield and the rear quarter windows were tinted with 5% grade semi metallic limousine tint. Undercar Neon Lights – Under car neon lights, similar to what is shown in the recent movie “The Fast And The Furious” enhance and attract attention to your vehicle at night.

Do note however these are only legal to utilize when your car is parked. Again, your choice of color. A switch is installed to turn these lights on and off. We use StreetGlow products for this application.

$350 The StreetGlow underbody kit was installed without issue on the sides and front of the underbody. It included 2 54” tubes for the sides and 2 30” bulbs for the front and rear. A switch was installed on the left console.

Konig Tantrum 18 inch Wheels – Wheels enhance and individualize the looks of your car. We believe that this particular wheel will highlight and complement the appearance of your car. [pic] Figure 2: Konig Tantrum Wheel $960 The wheels were installed on the car without issue. Performance: • AOS Racing Cold Air Intake – An aftermarket air induction system helps a car gain power through better airflow into the engine. This particular CAI has consistently been tested to provide the best and most gains. This will also provide a deep, throaty growl.

[pic] Figure 3: AOS CAI $250 – 5hp gainThe intake was installed in the engine bay. • SharkRacing 4-2-1 Headers – Headers extract exhaust gases from the chambers in the most efficient manner, increasing performance throughout the powerband. This will also enhance the engine sound, raising the volume. [pic] Figure 4: SR Headers $500 – 10hp gain The install of this item had some issues because the catalytic converter needed to be relocated.

In the stock car, the catalytic converter is mounted vertically right after the header. Part of the header tubes needed to be cut and welded to make room for the converter.The headers were then installed without further problems. This part of the install took longer than anticipated but did not affect the completion date of the project.

• Alpine Developments Methanol Injected Turbo Kit – This is the big power adder of the project. The stock fuel pump will also have to be upgraded, along with cyro treated rods and new pistons fabricated. This kit includes all the necessary connections and the charge air cooler (intercooler). This particular turbo system was selected for your car because of the power gains and the completeness of this kit.This kit also has proven to be a reliable performer, requiring little maintenance after initial tuning and installation. [pic] Figure 5: Alpine Turbo Kit $4000 – 80hp and 120 lb/ft torque gain This turbocharger has an unusual design as it is methanol injected, meaning that it uses methanol much like a fuel.

However there were not any big issues other than some technical challenges working with the methanol lines. This turbocharger was then tuned on a dynometer. We adjusted the boost pressure and the air/fuel mixture until we were satisfied it provided it’s maximum possible power and reliability. Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 Ultra high performance tires – All the power in the world is useless if you cannot gain traction to utilize it.

Therefore, these tires present the best compromise between grip, wear, ride and tread life for your application. [pic] Figure 6: Kumho Tires $800 These tires were mounted on the Konig wheels. • 5 Zigen Muffler – Enhances the engine sound to make your presence known to other vehicles around you. Its polished appearance enhances the rear aspect of your vehicle. This is the last part of the exhaust system, and the resulting engine volume will be quite noticeable. pic] Figure 7: 5 Zigen Muffler $600 The muffler was installed without any problems.

All the performance modifications add up to a 90hp gain over stock, making the final power output an expected 230 horsepower. This power output is significant enough to be very competitive with other modified cars of similar type. Project Timeline Table 1: Project Timeline [pic] This was the timeline of the project. Except for some minor delays with the intake, which was accounted for everything was completed exactly on schedule.

Personnel The persons introduced below are the three principal technicians who worked n your car and their qualifications. Johnny Wrench, Lead Technician ? 15 years experience as licensed mechanic ? Mechanics certificate from SAIT ? Has personally built and tuned 20+ complete modified cars Gary MendGood, Body and Paint Technician ? 10 years body shop experience ? Certificate from NAIT Betty Zap, Electrician ? 5 years experience in vehicle wiring ? Certificate from SAIT ? Studies in Engineering at University of Calgary Project Budget Table 2 below shows the budget used during the project. The project completed on budget.

Table 2: Project Budget Item |Cost | |Cuda Design Body Kit |5000 | |Interior Neon Lights |150 | |Tinted Windows |150 | |Undercar Neon Lights |350 | |Konig Tantrum 18” Wheels |960 | |AOS Racing CAI |250 | |SharkRacing 4-2-1 Headers |500 | |Alpine Turbocharger |400 | |Kumho Ecsta Supra |800 | |5 Zigen Muffler |600 | |TOTAL |$ 9160 GST incl | Final Results The final cost comes to $9160 for a totally unique car that will not be found anywhere else in the world in its modified form. It will have amazing looks and performance figures of 230 horsepower and 260 lbs/ft of torque, powerful enough to keep up with much more upscale vehicles. [pic] Figure 8: Final Car, Front [pic] Figure 9: Final Car, Side


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