Human Resources Management in Hilton Hotels, Delta airlines, and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

Human resources are the driving force of an organisation; they need to be well managed and preserved for the benefit of the company. Human resources management is a continuous process that starts with planning, recruiting, maintaining, motivating, knowledge-management and finally dismissal. Hilton is an international company in the hospitality industry where it operates chains of hotels.

The group of hotels has more than 130,000 team members distributed in more than 3,600 hotels in 81 countries/territories. Delta is an airline company that have more than 160 million customers every year and flies in more than 350 destinations in more than 70 countries. The success of the company is vested on effective human resources management.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd is a shipping company that offers a wide range of career opportunities in its land and on-board sections. This paper discusses the above three companies (Delta airlines, Hilton group of hotels and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd); it will use them to evaluate business strategies for internal customers.

Organization’s business strategies for internal customers

Hilton case

The company aims at offering a career growth to its employees who recruited from different part of the world. Different levels are filled using appropriate mechanisms. For example, high-level managers are recruited is centralised at the head office and then distributed to respective country’s branches. At branch level, they can employ other carder of employees. It does not discriminate employees in gender, sex, colour, race or nationality; its interest is the level of qualification that an employee has.

In the company’s mission statement, it recognises the needs of internal customers thus, it can be deduced that there is proper internal customer management. This is likely to be in areas of recruitment, selection of competent employees and developing an orchestrate team.

After recruiting, the company have appropriate motivational measures to ensure that they retain employees for the good of the company. Since its incorporation in 1919 in Cisco, Texas by Conrad Hilton, the hotel as grown to be an international five star because of its qualified management team who value their employees (Hilton group of hotels official website, 2010).

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

The company have over 20 ships transporting people and cargo across the globe. Its staffs are either in the office for monitoring and others are aboard a ship as crewmembers. Shipping crews face different challenges alongside unique and adventurous experience they get from transport business in different parts of the world.

When recruiting crews, the company has a centralized office, situated in Miami, Florida. After successfully engaging an employee, depending with the particular employee experience, they offer different trainings and career development paths. They aim at offering conducive environment to their employees to facilitate innovation and inventions. Some of services offered aboard a ship include ice skating and surfing.

The company’s compensation package is among the best in the industry making the company a preferred employer by a large population. People who are particularly adventurers have seen the company to be a good employer since it offers a chance to visit different destinations in the world. Currently, the company has more than 40,000 employees (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd official website, 2010).

Delta airlines

Globalisation and international trade has resulted to an increased demand of international transport; Delta airline is an international airline company with its head quarters in Atlanta in the United States. Due to the nature of its trade, the company have embraced a global diversity recruitment strategy where it has employees from different parts of the world. It is more concerned about culture and language of it team and ensures it has a combination that can improve the welfare and experience of their customers.

In the airline industry, the services that clients receive go a long way in determining the success of such a company. Realizing this, recruitment process of the company is robust and ensures that get well-qualified team. In line with its global diversity strategy, the company has joined a number of affinity groups.

The company has appropriate internal human resources management that retains expatriates and those employees who work for the good of the company. The team also fires those people who fail to work in line with the company’s objective.

The company has numerous benefits and allowances that include excellent benefits and worldwide travel privileges, in its efforts to create a good operating spirit in the team. The company has a well-framed medical, financial and lifestyle policies. This is in the efforts of ensuring that the company is the company of choice to its employees (Delta airlines official website, 2010).

The contrast between proactive (general marketing) and reactive (fill open positions) strategies.

Reactive recruitment is a policy whereby a company sits backs and waits for an opportunity or a post to be available in the organisation then recruit the next available applicant. It is not a good recruiting method since the company is kind of acting desperate.

In proactive recruitment process, a company has well elaborated recruitment process; under this process, past and current needs of employees are used to predict future needs of employees, then making appropriate measures to ensure that in future there will be adequate employees in terms of quality and quantity.

Hilton, Delta airlines and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, adopts a proactive recruitment method however; they appreciate that sometimes employees may leave an organisation unpredictably because of personal factors like retirements, death or change of employer. When such a situation occurs, the companies ensure that they have a strong delegation practice whereby in cases of need, a junior staff can take responsibility effectively.

Human resources department have encouraged healthy delegation among team members to ensure that in case there is sudden shortage of staff because of un-planned reason, then they can use junior staffs to stand in as they recruit staff that are more qualified. Sometimes this is seen as a chance to give well performing employees a chance to prove they are worth for future posts.

The advantage brought about by a proactive recruitment process is that a company has a well-planned mechanism to replace employees leaving the organisation for one reason or another. They have a plan that ensures that new comers replace retirees. Before newcomers are given full responsibility of a certain duty, they undergo an inauguration ceremony that is followed by a probation period. During probation, the employers get a chance to learn the potentials of different employees and give them roles according to their capabilities.


A company’s human resources department has the mandate of ensuring that adequate employees are available at all times. The success of Delta airlines, Hilton group of hotels and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd is based on effective human resources management; the department is undertakes planning, deploying, employing, training, retaining, and dismissal of employees.


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