data cables, CY Memory Card CableCharge, data used: CY, buy CY, CY Singapore, CY data cables, CY Memory Card CableCharge, data transfer made easy with CY Technology has been developing every moment with newer and more functional models entering the market every now and then. It has become an integral part of every human’s life, as there are several types of electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, phablets, cameras etc., which have become necessary items rather than just accessories to be carried along for style. Most of the office work is now dependent on these gadgets and certain fields like photography have reached new heights as several people are taking it up full time, hence the need of the requisite gadgetry has grown manifold. Also, the world has become a lot more connected through mobile phones, and it keeps people available through travel, work hours, leisure and more. All these reasons make gadgets essential and one needs to keep one’s devices charged to stay in contact with people at all times. This company brings to you a wide range of cables, adaptors and chargers, which can be used for the same. CY Singapore products offer full functionality, along with quality, at very affordable prices.There are all kinds of cables and connectors manufactured by the company, which can come handy to the users, in various situations. There are HDMI cables, connectors for the projectors and many similar products which are used in daily routine, by working population, college-goers and people in the art and media industry. The CY data cables are extremely useful and have gained popularity in a very competitive industry, due to their pricing as well as quality which beats most of the competition first-hand. The cables are anti-tangle and also have been manufactured in a way to prevent breakages in the wires that may happen after extensive usage. The ports connected to the cables are in different angles which ensure that the cables do not bend while connecting several gadgets in varied angles or locations. There are the magnetic charging cables which are connected to the USB C type through cable and are more helpful than the regular chargers, as the magnetic connectivity protects the device in case of accidental pulling.Buy CY gadgetry online, from Lazada The company has always believed in innovating and bringing newer and advanced technology to the consumers. It stands true to its philosophy and continues to launch data or charging cables which are ahead of most of the other similar products available in the market. The cost effective measures ensure that the final product is very useful and is still priced reasonably. One can also find the CY Memory card cable here, which is something very different and not much heard of. It contains a slot for inserting the SD card, which is connected via cable to the male connector so that the card can be externally connected to your gadgets and be used for storage purposes. All the products are available online on Lazada for you to make your purchase with ease, and you also get nationwide free shipping and 14-day free returns on all stocks, if you buy from here.Why choose CY?• High quality and durable cables for multiple purposes• User-friendly and easy to install• Innovative range of products at affordable prices


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