How To End An Essay

How to end an essay? A question is typical for all writers facing the task to prepare writing an assignment. Concluding part of essay serves a cherry o top of tasty cake; mind that, this final element makes text being whole and finished. To have an answer to this question one needs to understand nature of the essay. A written assignment means dwelling upon a specific topic; exists a standard structure established; it helps a writer to put all info logically. The essay starts with hooks. After that goes the main body, concluding part, which is a central issue.

The essay is a subjective, personal, free space; in this paper, the author forms positions. What is more, he expresses thoughts; author shows proper individual attitude. Primarily, a mission essay is showing student’s view of a problem; what is more, showing issues, themes based on processed material and arguments. He is following chosen approach, style, etc.; it demands from writer good critical thinking skills.

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Moreover, a final extract is a summary. It concludes all issues covered; it is changing of thesis sentence. Mind that end connects all sense elements of text into a whole; writing focuses on one central idea. It may seem simple. However, pitfalls can arise; there is a key enabling to get a brilliant score for an essay. It hides in its effective end. That is why the end is important; it should represent a summary of everything you wrote in an essay. This guide will give you step-by-step advice, which explains how to get your essay in top ten.

how to end an essay

The steps explaining how to end an essay in details for students of colleges

  1. How to end an essay? Start with a short connecting phrase; it can serve a signal to the reader, which will tell that you are finishing an article, and he needs to be attentive. Many writers start concluding paragraph of an essay with a connecting phrase; however, this is not necessary. You have to believe that finish of your essay is clear without it. The connecting phrase may be “In the end …” “Finally …” “In conclusion …»
  2. Briefly summarize your principal statements. You can try to take opening sentences of each paragraph, and paraphrase these main ideas into two or three sentences. By doing that, you strengthen arguments of your essay. You are reminding a reader of what you wrote and tried to prove above. It is not difficult to answer how to end an essay; avoid general key issues in a form you wrote them before. The end should summarize critical topics covered in a text; it has to consist of literally a few lines.
  3. Make it short and easy; conclusion should be about 5 to 7 sentence lengths; it can be shorter. You will not be able to sum up basic ideas of your essay. If it is longer, you take a risk to overload it; try to be laconic but remember sense.

General tips on how to end an essay properly for all university students

  1. There is a thesis, and you have to refer to it, remember that thesis is the main point of your essay; it is something that you are trying to prove. The person reading your conclusion can be unaware of your thesis. You did not manage to explain well; try to avoid simply repeating thesis. Find a way to refine your thesis. Make it in an interesting form with the use of other words. Repeating thesis with same words is not proper, and it will give the reader bad impression; he may think that you were working on completion of essay roughly.
  2. Try to look competent in your topic. To look competent means to use necessary words (not first-best ones). Rely on data from reliable sources; belief in your ability to write, use credible information. Reference to credible sources. Do not imply any citations or popular sayings. It is not proper for concluding part of an essay; be laconic, but make sure that you produce good info.
  3. Use proper wording. When you are not able to understand the sense, take care so that it would be written well; start by explaining the main idea of your essay. Finish a bit ironic. Play with the latest words. Pick up a ridiculous issue related to a topic you are writing about; due to this, end of your essay will sound highly courageous. Appeal to feelings of target reader. In most cases, writers of an essay are sensible, forgetting about emotions; call to human souls; it can be a powerful way to summarize the article. If you do it right, then you make story inspiring.

The easy way explaining how to end an essay for all university writers

Writing the final part of any type of essay, including a synthesis essay, is a robust and responsible task; it demands thorough preparation and profound writing skills. One has to understand that it is a conclusion. The part creates a final impression about your writing. A target reader decides whether a paper was sense-loaded; he estimates whether product he read was useful for him. The role of ending part is significant. It is necessary to approach it seriously.

Try to build sentences logically, using intro words; you have to include all critical issues that you were mentioning in an essay. Remember that you have to paraphrase thesis. It will help a reader to grasp the vital point that you intended to render; use correct formulation; try to avoid overloaded and cluttered pieces of information. They are challenging to understand. It is not an easy task. It demands a lot of practice and skillfulness; you will be able to prepare the proper text. A paper will satisfy all the requirements. It will fit the needs of the scholarly curator.

Make sure that do not introduce any new issues in ending part; it is irrelevant and do not imply any citations; it is not proper for the concluding part. It will not make your essay better or more informative. You can make it more complicated for the target audience; this can distract reader’s attention so that he will lose logical connection. Try to be simple, but relevant. Avoid using complicated words and notions; it will spoil all work. Make sure that, the final part of your essay is informative and take care so that it is exciting and lefts positive feeling and tick to all suggestions mentioned above! You will impress an audience with the quality of your essay!


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