Automating to problems, which would otherwise have been

Automating Systems e.g. Accounting Information System

Accounting Information System (AIS) is an interactive human interface that enables organizations to make decisions. Companies develop it in form of Software to help manage data. It generates/stores information helpful in making critical decisions.

These decisions include strategies, goals and cost saving procedures. The design of the Software is in such a way that it accommodates each aspect of an organization that is paramount. It is possible to replicate this in Materials Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resource Planning by use of both the Internet and Software. This makes decision-making easy (McAfee, 23).

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Network Security

This refers to safeguarding of information contained in systems that are computerized. In the current world of E-Business, almost every aspect of business is possible electronically.

This includes acquisition of raw materials (E-Ordering), sale of goods and products (E-Transactions) and more importantly E-Payments. This means that companies need to come up with better ways to safeguard this information flow. Cyber Security is major investment are for almost all companies.

Small companies are a part because they also have gone High-Tech to attract a wider market for their products. Hackers are everywhere. They attack even the most sophisticated or perceivably complex sites such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Investigation Departments of the Government. With many more people embracing web technology even in third world countries, it has become paramount to safeguard information. Companies need to update routinely their Software to make it up-to-date and capable to detect malpractice (McAfee, 23).

Use of Social Networks

Social networks are many.

They include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus among others. The most widely used social network is face book followed closely by Twitter. These networks are crucial in public relations for both service and goods industry. Organizations use social networks for product advertising. This is possible with banners and text advertisements.

Social networks make it much easier keep contacts with relevant customers around the world at very little cost.

Ease of Information Flow

Information from one organization to another is easy to disseminate. This enables businesses to reduce costs associated with passing of information for crucial decision-making. This is possible with Internet, which enables businesses to teleconference, send emails and Internet faxes.

This improves businesses and optimizes operations. This is also the case with the downstream and upstream sections of the supply chain (McAfee, 23).

Aiding Decision Making

Decision-making is easier with tools that enable decision making e.g.

decision tools using Software such as SPSS, Solvers, Excel among others. This Software is crucial in mangers everyday solutions to problems, which would otherwise have been hard to make. Everything is tailor-made towards better customer quality and cost reduction. However, there is need to come up with a firewall and proxy that allows only authorized access to sensitive information within the system. The system administrator gives certain levels of privilege to various system users who have user identities and corresponding passwords. Depending on the level of user privilege, they are able to access information that would enable them perform specific operations as well as make alterations as may be required.

This firewall may also provide for extra security measures that ensure tracking of system users such that the system administrator will have a record of the various users and what their activities were especially with regard to the business’ data and information.

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