How Did It Feel Being a Governor?

Being a governor is not an easy thing for any person: to be in constant touch with country and state affairs, to complete the functions of commander-in-chief of naval and military forces, to take care of numerous healthy services, to issue laws in order to improve current state of affairs, and to be responsible for lives of people, who have already trusted own lives to governor’s hands.

This list is certainly not complete, and the duties of the governor as the head of the executive branch require more attention and more time. How did it feel being a governor? This question has to be posed to those people, who have already had this feeling and realized how great this responsibility can be.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger or Pete Wilson from California, David Paterson or Eliot Spitzer from New York, George W. Bush or Rick Perry – these governors may be very helpful in this little research and may answer all possible questions. But the trouble is that is impossible to interview them right now. Being a governor requires patience, understanding, abilities to control, and efforts to gain respect and recognition from citizens, and such policies like issuing laws or cutting budget should not prevent achieving success in the chosen profession but only promote for demonstration of best qualities and high level of knowledge.

Cutting budget is probably one of the most unpleasant tasks that have to be completed by governors. Lower demand for different services, competitions because of price setting, or unusual cost events serve as the most famous and frequent reasons of budget cutting. In order to prevent society of such a dangerous step, a governor has to evaluate the situation, comprehend each of the above-mentioned reasons, and be able to control situation in order to avoid this activity and help citizens. Unfortunately, the abilities of a governor have certain limitations, this is why this step is usually becomes inevitable or obligatory.

If we talk about feelings in governing, it is impossible to hold to one concrete feeling. As a rule, cutting budgets usually cause unpleasant feelings, because any governor comprehends that this is the way of how public universities with students suffer and lose the opportunity to get proper education and enjoy their studying processes.

Public universities and community colleges expect to receive considerable financial support in order to have chance to improve education, classroom conditions, and availability of material. However, the news that budget is cut, and the numbers are considered to be significant, the dreams of many students just collapse.

Cutting budgets may be justified in case people see and realize that the current governor has already tried numerous attempts to prevent this cutting and still take efforts to achieve success. When people can hardly comprehend what is happening and why some public universities cannot get the necessary budget and other communities get such lucky opportunities, it is hard to believe that this situation is created by an ordinary person, a governor, who runs the state.

It is always easy to blame someone and believe that a kind of ill fate deprives many students and other organizations to get the desirable budget. Issuing laws is not an easy duty for governors, because the activities of this person are known to and evaluated by public.

It is crucially important to weigh all pros and cons in order to offer a law and satisfy the needs of the vast majority of people. Cutting budgets is not an activity, a governor should be proud of, however, it is the activity that may promote a governor to evaluate own actions, improve them, and help other people to enjoy this life and have enough support from the governmental side.


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