How can I impress my boss


In our work place, there is need for good interrelation; it leads to good performance and employee’s satisfaction. As long as our work places are where we get daily bread, having a good interaction with that environment is important. There are expectation that the boss and the organization in general has upon us and fulfilling them and knowing them is crucial (Kellaway 2). This short paper discusses how to impress our seniors in the work place.

Working hard and working smart

Bosses need the work in a company completed in good time. There are targets set for individuals and for groups in the company. For the boss to be happy with the work of an employee, then the employee must satisfy his/her duties. This requires hard work and determination. Working smart is an element of hard work which means that other than normal fulfilling of duties, employees fulfill them effectively and conveniently.

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Observing companies code of ethics

Every company has a code of ethics where expectations of employees are well stipulated. The codes act as the public image that the company has. It is as broad as the company’s mission and vision statements, company’s objectives and as narrow as integration between peers. It should be observed in all lengths.

The reporting time, departure time and policies defining the operations in a business should be observed. Other than maintaining and observing ethical conduct in the business as expected by the organization, upholding personal ethics is important; these ethics include good manners and being a person of high integrity.

Innovativeness and creativity

Bosses are always under pressure to perform. To have an effective performance, they require some assistance in terms of mind and new methods that they can adopt to make their work easy.

An employee who innovates or is creative and sells the idea that he has to his boss is more likely to be in good terms with the boss. This is the starting point of close interaction between the boss and the employees. When an employee’s gets an idea which he thinks can fit a certain organization, bosses would be more appreciating if the employee shares with them before anybody else.

Creating an off-job relations

Interaction with the boss should not be limited to the office one only. There should be other interactions outside the office. This mostly takes the part of collaboration in social activities which the boss is a part to, for example in case of a wedding, evening parties and team building activities. When in these activities, the interaction of boss-junior relation should break and replaced by an interaction of friendship (Infante & William, Gorden, 294).

Being a loyalist

Being loyal and passionate of one’s work improves the relationship between the boss and the employees. This is because the boss will feel that there are people who he can hold trust in. when this happens the boss-staff relation will be facilitates. A passionate employee is determined to meet his employer’s expectations and this makes the boss happy. Being a loyalist does not means that juniors accept all that the boss decides (Haidee 87).


In formal and informal employment, there is need for good interaction between the boss and his junior. Both have a role to play in maintaining the relation. However juniors have a higher task. They should work hard and smart, observing companies code of ethics, be innovativeness and creative, create off-job relations and being loyalist.

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