A Behind the electrical fence there is a

A few miles east of Toronto the dirty, dark river drops in close to the wide side bank. The water is cold. On one side of the river there is a road, which runs from the east, and on the other side of the trees are lined up. The road drops into a big place surrounded by an electrical fence. Behind the electrical fence there is a building, which looks like a fortress.

It has three big towers, one tower is on top of the middle of the building, and the other two are based at the sides. The building is a prison for people who ruined someone else’s life. It looks old and dirty all the windows are smashed.The prison consists of several building, which is also dirty. In the middle of the prison there is a big recreation area with several benches to sit on. Thee exercise area is covered with sand and dark earth. Police officers circled the area walking holding dogs on leashes. The dogs were black like the night sky.

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The police officers Police officers hats hid their cold eyes. The prison looked lonely, and the earth had been unloved by rain. The day started with little wind moving among the electric fence. The shade climbed up the towers towards the top. In the recreation area the dogs lay quietly like black stones.Then, from the direction of one of the main buildings came the sound of footsteps, men were heard shouting.

They were approached the recreation area. The path they fallowed was covered with rocks. The police officers and dogs froze couple of seconds and then emerged and went to one of these buildings. The noise was coming closer and closer. More than 200 men who were walking around recreation area, stopped after a couple of seconds they all begin to line up to go in. Police officers walked behind and in front of them. Those who were walking behind them closed the gate.

They walked in double file.All of them were dressed in denim trousers and blue shirts. They were all talking to each other. Most of them looked very evil with dark faces and huge muscles, but some of them looked confused and scared. Two of them looked different to everybody else.

They looked kind of calm and very smart. The looked like they had some kind of a coat over them to protect them from looking like everyone else. One of them was a white man, with sharp restless eyes and strong features. Every part of him was defined: quite tall, strong hands, slender arms and thin and bony nose. Next to him a walked a short black man, a bit older than him.

He had strong hands, dark face and fat and wide nose. They were walking towards the corner of the recreation area. All of the sudden they stopped.

The black man seemed happy. He stepped in front of the white man. “Thomas tonight is the night for starting a new life. ” He stopped for a second and smiled a bit and continued “The outside life”, he had repeated it for a couple of times and after each time he was happier. Thomas started smiling “I know we have been preparing for this for the last 7 years” he stopped for a second and started talking very fast: “Daniel I can’t wait for tonight, I want to do it now”.


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