Henry Hill

‘Gangster? ‘… When talking about murders, robberies drugs, or lets just say crime as a whole we tend to feel that the courses of this is from a ‘gang’ or a group of people and the person who is a part of this group is then in fact a ‘Gangster’. In this essay I am going to be talking about the conventions of the gangster genre and how they have changed since society has changed, or time. Gangster genre took off in parallel with the musical genre, the courtroom drama as it is also known, has a much more explicit reference to public or political events in the historical world outside film.

This is only merrily changed; a good illustration is the classic film ‘Scar Face’ which was built around the Cuban crime wave of 1980’s. When gangster films first started there was more ‘documentary’ by the style of the film genre, which was in black and white, this is what gave it that realism or documentary effect. When analysing the way that gangsters became ruthless and more aggressive I have come to the conclusion, there’s always action when there’s danger, and the gangsters observation of their depressed environment have forced them into gangster life.

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Today’s gangster re-presentation is different. The anxiety to become richer has increased and background formula changed, there up bringing was very good they where middle class people and very respected, because of ‘father’ risking him ‘self’ to be a gangster, but the soon to be gangsters still wishes to carry on in the fathers footsteps. Their fate and path of life has been already chosen, and avoiding this would be like missing out on a ‘father son fishing weekend’

Gangsters became tragic figures at the end of films on a semi religious note; this was mostly seen at the end of the 30’s. The gangster always changes their dimension of views when he is in a ‘pickle’ and needs help from god. But when the gangster does die he or she is punished for their crime, in the early days normally dieing on the streets, to the 70’s in ‘Scar Face’ dieing by another gangster, hence the saying goes. ‘Live by the sward die by the sward’ which wasn’t abstracted in that film.

This concludes that there isn’t always a happy ending in gangster films even though the gangster seems to be aright in reality the media image can digest the culture to suit its audience however they feel it should fit. The gangster has become more creative over time, I mean whenever in a midlife crisis the gangster becomes poetical and even tries to take his dilemma in a philosophical stage, for me its shows how under estimated the person is, it shows contradiction how something so nice can came out of such a ‘monster’.

At the end of World War 2 gangsters became businessmen, the crimes which where committed became known as organised crime, and the gangster life became a culture, a way of life. This was best seen in the Award wining film ‘Good Fellas’ where ‘Henry Hill a well known gangster, portrays at the end, that being a ‘gangster’ was a way of life and how hard it will be for him to change. Soon enough you start to feel that the whole world is corrupt, even families and friend became involved!


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