Health Policy

People make decisions regarding health every day so they need principal rules that will guide the decisions to produce a rational outcome. These sets of rules are called health policies. In Chad, immunization policies are needed in order to increase the turn outs so that people can prevent polio, measles, meningitis and cholera.

To expand immunization rate, this policies must handle the problems of secure refrigeration of vaccines in remote areas, inefficiency of trained healthcare workers, and community resistance to vaccination among other reasons. These policies should also encourage participation by donors and the government.

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The effect of government exception in this process is that there would be no one to safeguard the interest of the people. Donors also provide monitory support since Chad is a country with low income levels. Failure to include them would mean no support.

Third world countries need to do more on health and education. Report from World Bank in 1993 proved that developing countries are prone to crippling diseases than developed countries. It is estimated that 12 million children under the age of 5 die of diseases that could be prevented because of poverty every year.

Investments in various countries are good sources of income to the members. Due to the fact that economic isolation has become impossible, a nation that cannot impact on the global market assures its citizen of a decline in economic growth. A healthy nation holds the promise of improved economic status.

Education policies can be of great importance in people’s effort to expand immunization rate. Chad has an adult literacy rate of 34%. People should be educated on the importance of immunization and so this would create awareness across the country. While politics is playing a big role in allocation of schools in various places, the life of the young generation is compromised.

If the program is launched to improve the results in the remote areas then the schools should as well be improved. Learning should be supervised and the curriculum given room for immunization studies so that people can consider it important and stop the kind of resistance created. Education campaigns, therefore, become very important and every individual should support it in order to meet the targeted health security.

Volunteer programs should be carried out. Those who are willing should be invited to conduct training to the health care staff. Additionally, the volunteers can also help in immunization and creation of awareness to the communities that live in the remote areas where low turn outs are recorded.

The donors can come in and provide support to the volunteers by offering funds to cover their transport fee to and from home so as to encourage them to keep doing the work. The World Health Organization also has a duty to ensure that all vaccines are safely stored so that they are of good quality. The National Regulatory Authority, though independent, should also work together with the United Nations to ensure the laboratories used to store the vaccines are in good state.


The hope that oil revenue will help improve the situation in Chad may not be a reality if the same culture of resisting immunization continues. Education, especially in the remote areas, should take a center stage in this war because it is the only weapon at the disposal of Chadians. The government should, therefore, improve the education system in this country.


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