Have time by using electronic devices. In other

you ever thought how life would be without technology? If you have, then you
have realized that how rapidly technology spreads into people’s lives. Today,
most of the people have been spending most of their time by using electronic
devices. In other words, technology has great effects on people and people’s
daily activities. For example, today more and more people prefer playing with
their mobile phones or computers instead of doing sports. Therefore, some
people may think that technology hinders doing sports, but unlike people
thoughts, with the technological developments, we can say that sports life is
influenced by technology in a good way. For example, especially with the
discovery of steroids, a new era for bodybuilding begins, and now the athletes
become addicted to steroids, just like people who are dependent on
technological tools because according to Adler (2005), steroids affect a muscle
cell and cause changes in the genes which supply proteins for muscle and end of
this power emerges then this effect is improved by bodybuilding. Therefore this
cycle gives athletes a great advantage for reaching the level they want in a
shorter time. Although as mentioned steroids have huge benefits for athletes,
taking steroids is not only for sports it can be also associated with any other
purposes. In general, the main causes of taking steroids are related to
psychological problems and to increase performance.

begin with, taking steroids can be attributed to psychological problems.
Firstly, people tend to use steroids to defeat the psychological depression
which is caused by rape. Sagoe(2014) claims that ”One study that investigated
weightlifting and anabolic steroid use among female rape victims, found five
women who had previously thought anabolic steroid users were “weak” but later
felt the need to use them to bulk up to give themselves a stronger sense of
physical security, which they felt they couldn’t achieve without help from
steroids”(para.6). In other words, exposure to abuse can create psychological
depression and this makes people feel insecure and physically weak. Therefore,
people may create a new way of life by using an idea they used to oppose it for
counteracting these problems. Moreover, people who suffer from lack of
self-esteem which is another psychological problem they take steroids for
overcoming. According to Sagoe (2014, para.7), “Low self-esteem and body issues
may explain why most users reported first using anabolic steroids to enhance
their appearance or body image, gain more muscles or strength, as well as
improving sports performance”. That is to say, people who don’t accept
themselves as they are and who are not happy with their bodies, they tend to
take steroids to defeat these problems.

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second cause of taking steroids is that people take it for increasing their
performance. First of all, people take steroids to boost their performance in
sport. According to Adler (2005, para.5), ”Athletes who train on steroids can
gain muscle mass at phenomenal rates, nearly a kilogram a week. Training for
strength and speed is grueling work, pitting your muscles against the whole
mass of the Earth, with only the clock or weight stack to measure your
progress. Suddenly, a pill appears and what seemed impossible is within your
grasp”. To clarify, people or athletes tend to take steroids when doing sports
because steroids help them with enhancing their performance in a short time and
make them feel more powerful about doing sports. In addition to sports, taking
steroids also boosts people’s performance in working lives. ”In the studies,
we looked out, we found some people also started using anabolic steroids to
enhance their performance at work. These were mainly in jobs that required some
kind of enhanced appearance or muscularity, like modeling and security work–
for example, club doormen, police, and soldiers. Some even said anabolic
steroids were an indispensable ingredient for success in their line of work”
(Sagoe, 2014, para.9). In other words, people who have the jobs which require more
strength and great physical appearance think that taking steroids is a key of
their jobs, and they use it to come to a better position in their work.

In conclusion, the cause
of taking steroids may seem like just for doing sports but there are many reasons
and most of them are not for sports purposes. Overcoming poor self-esteem and
some psychological problems which result from rape, and also improving
performance in sports and working lives are the main reasons behind taking
steroids. As a result, if you have complained about any of these problems, you
can now prefer to use steroids and try to cope with them in this way and if
you’re looking for something that will improve your performance, this search
may be ended with steroids.


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