Have the most important project ofthis era, reverse

Have we reached Singularity-the point where machines surpass human? Through decades ofresearch we have conquered in computational speed and precision but still the most important project ofthis era, reverse engineering of human’s brain hasn’t been able to touch the height of its crucial level -understanding of emotions by machines. It’s because emotion is inextricably tied to everything we say anddo. Still, works on simulating emotion in computers, such as the work of MIT Media Lab on generatingexpression in synthesized speech and programming a computer to actually experience emotions, have beendone. The main challenge of these works is to capture user’s outlook on situations that arise, that is,emotions of a user on his/her idiosyncratic way of constructing the world. Once this impediment is won,we will be able to enter theFinal Epoch: The Universe Wakes Up, according to the classifcationof Technology evolution byRay Kurzweil. I want to contribute to this epoch-making journey towardscreating computing architecture based on how the mind works with my knowledge and experience.I spent a great part of my undergraduate life onCSE with this vision but I had to convergeon this particular feld through a thorough exploration of diverse felds. Courses of undergraduate havefamiliarized me with diverse areas ofComputer Science(CS) rather than founding a concentrateddepth on any topic. So I had to go back in my quest for something closely related to my interestwhenever the question of specialization or choice appeared.The frst time I got chance to map my thoughts from real life to virtual computing world throughbuilding the famous”Scrabble Word” game in my 1st year as a Lab Project. Like this, throughout myundergraduate life, I actually explore diverse felds of CS through several projects and theories and try toincorporate my idea to solve real-world problems like buildingElectronic Voting Machine in JuniorYear. In my Senior year, courses likeDigital Image Processing introduced me to the world of vision,information extraction from visual data andArtifcial Intelligence taught me how a probabilistic i.e anartifcial mind computes. These courses familiarized me with the feld of Computer Vision and eventuallyI got to know how it can be combined with machine vision to simulate artifcially intelligent mind. Allof these took me a step closer to my long embedded interest in simulating emotions in artifcial mind.Getting a thesis topic through one’s choice of specialization was tougher in our environment.So, I had to make a choice regarding my undergraduate thesis. My research motivation came from thetragic incident ofRana Plaza Collapse of 2013 in Savar, Dhaka and some subsequent a?airs of buildingcollapse. I, along with my thesis partner completed the undergraduate thesis under the supervision ofDr. Abu Sayed Md. Latiful Hoque which was titled as “An Information System Developmentfor the Rescue Operation of High Rise Building Collapse”with a target to assist the operationof rescue forces through an information system so that they have a clear view of the region in concernprior to the operation. To delineate the plan and design an e?ective database system were the toughestchallenges we faced. As the project was supposed to be turned into a collaborative implementationwith Fire Brigade of Bangladesh, we tried to design the system as close to practical implementation aspossible. Through this experience, I have learned how to develop a model of a large system throughgradual planning and critical observations with patients that have helped me in my later professional lifeand will surely help me conducting any research work in future.1Upon completion of my graduation, knowledge and experience I gathered throughout my undergrad life helped me greatly in joining Reve Systems, the leading multinational software companyin our country and continuing di?erent tasks there. Primarily, I was engaged in integrating paymentgateway with the system. I integratedSSLCOMMERZ Gateway and worked on BitPay service. Afterthat, I have been assigned to a VoIP project named Wholesale Billing. To make the whole interfaceuser-friendly was the main challenge I faced when I designed the outline. Beside this, I, along with myanother project partner and project manager, analyzed the amount of user call in a defnite call ratewithin a di?erent time period and then visually represented the whole data. We then tried to analyzean e?ective hour range for that particular rate for highest proft. Currently, I am working on a projectnamed”Text to Speech Synthesize” where some machine learning techniques need to be used togenerate speech from Bengali texts. The project is still in planning stage. In order to accomplish theproject successfully, I am currently doing an online course inUdacity on “Machine Learning Nanodegree Program”. I applied PCA on our wholesale dataset and used gaussian clustering to segmentthe customers. I greatly enjoy my working in Reve Systems as my work is closely related to my choiceof interest. Besides this, working with di?erent teams has enriched my ability to integrate myself intoa team and also enabled me to explore others perspectives through working with people from diverseeducational and social background.Although skills and experiences I have gathered from di?erent projects of my academic andcurrent professional life can help me get through most tasks, I am currently concentrating on my interestmostly as I feel at home and motivated in this ambiance. As a preparation forPh.D in ComputerScienceon Computer Vision and to strengthen my foundation I have already completed a set oflectures on Computer Vision byDr. Mubarak Shah(Prof. of CS in University of Central Florida)from YouTube. Besides an online course for professional purpose, I am also doing another online coursefor more hands-on experience titled”Computer Vision Intro” in Udemy. My previous knowledge inDIP helped me completing the Computer Vision and Image segmentation part without any signifcanttrouble. Now I am continuing on rest of the project.Personally, I always get thrilled by something that has some true utility value on solving ourobstacles of life. My undergraduate research was also focused on incorporating a new idea and mergeit with the current system to contribute in the way of solving an ongoing problem. In the feld ofComputer Vision, I get enthralled by the fact that how powerful arrays of dots that constitute an imagecan be especially when it’s processed and data extracted from it used to solve seemingly improbabletasks. So, along with general research going on Computer Vision, my insatiable mind always traversesthrough the di?erent arena to seek for innovative ideas that might be implemented with the help oftechnologies we have. It might be predicting another part of an image relative to frst part throughtraining a convolutional neural net or detecting nutritional elements of foods through image processingor align youtube videos with newspaper headline… the list never ends. That’s why while searching workson Computer Vision, with no surprise I was greatly impressed by the work ofDr. Gaurav Sharma.I was enthralled by his work on”Multi-pitch Analysis” where he used optical ?ow analysis to detectPlay/Non-Play(P/NP) that is used to estimate the no. of pitches at a time instant. This work coincideswith my interest of decision making through image/video processing. I was also intrigued by the workofDr. Thomas M. Howard on “Motion Planning in Urban” in which a model-predictive trajectorygeneration algorithm is used to handle motion challenges in urban environment. Moreover the vast,applicable and innovative works that are conducted here have made such an impression on me that Iwill feel immensely proud if I can contribute to the signal and image processing feld of the Universityof Rochester. I think the experiences and knowledge I have gleaned from traversing through diversefelds, my tendency to be detail-oriented on topics, passion on my area of interest and skill in industrylevel projects and research make me a ftting piece for joining as a researcher at theSignal and ImageProcessing and Communications team in the University of Rochester.In my country, research on AI or Computer Vision is so limited that we have very few manpower on thisfeld and that’s why the potential company like”Pathao”, a ferce competitor of “Uber” and gamingcompany like”MindFisher” stumble in their way especially in feld of visualization and data science.I felt the need of a research lab or training center that can boost up the developer’s knowledge in thesefelds. But to establish or undertaking a daunting step like this, a superfcial knowledge is not enough. Adeeper knowledge, as well as a proper network in the already established industry, will not only extendmy understanding of what I have learned until now but also help me to lead the research here in future.I hope theUniversity of Rochester will help me perpetuating my journey on my vision.  


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