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One of the issues described by parents and other adults in most articles are centered on children’s literature and the censorship debate. This is indicated clearly by views on children developing morals and values and the “tension between kid culture and adult marketing. ” There is two extreme point of views where by some parents portray children’s literature as evil when it presents issues many parents don’t want to know of or deal with. Tales of a young boy attending “Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry travels back and forth between two worlds, the mystical world of magic and the mundane world of muggles.” (Bewitched by Harry Potter, pg. 1) In J.

K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, this world of torture and adventure is present. Some view Harry Potter as a combination of detective work of Harry Boys and Nancy Drew, a play world of Charles Dickens and Dr. Seuss.

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Another words J. K Rowling is viewed as an excellent imaginative author since Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. Potter books transcend fantasy. Others would strongly disagree, “some claim the Potter books lure children into witchcraft. ” (In defense of Harry Potter, pg.2) Grownups are buying books to read to children, but they are also reading the books themselves, which in return leads to “the infantilization of adult culture, the loss of a sense of what a classic really is. ” (Besotted with Potter, pg.

1) Everyone young and old in one way or another longs for magic. In an article by John Monk In defense of Harry Potter, such books reflect “human experience and imagination”. Fantasy! It has always been a target to attack on the bases of untruthfulness, involving magic, imagination and other ‘unrealistic’ views.The reality of it all, it takes great effort and imagination to write anything, and ‘give it breathing life’. “People working with children in slums want books about children in slums.

This is a realistic way of thinking, assuming that children relate better and recognize books easier to read; however children read of mystery, curiosity and astonishment, whereas adults view fantasy bringing out the literary meaning of a scientific materialistic world.Parents and other Authorities who specialize in the child’s world and whose original interest lay in the science field rather than arts, are people who dislike fantasy and prefer realism. The opposing side believes fantasy compels children and other readers to a metaphoric window to the world. Realism frame of mind takes at hand literal pieces of a realistic world.

Drawing morals from a realistic story, narrative phrase on a biography, or an eye witness account. One must keep in mind the nature of an individual and his reaction to a book.A child at a particular growth point and a specific state of mind or differently will have a certain interest then another. Then comes into play the relationship between the author and his reader; where by that magical inspiration is not of a teacher and his pupil or of a parent or counselor or preacher.

Rather it is an important act of friendship, adventure, imagination, courage, power and sometimes even the mystical world of magic. Even though there is no dragon and wizards in the real world, they symbolize danger and risks, superstition and miracles.There is much complexity to be solved through a balance of fantasy and realism.

Those who care about children’s literature have an obligation to inform themselves of the best and the latest thinking about the constellation of topics that will enable them to bring the two together most successfully. How important are books in a media- saturated environment? Children today are surrounded by visual images from their earliest consciousness. Their introduction to books was to ‘picture books’ or ‘picture story books’. This is an introduction to child’s fine art as well as popular culture.For many years modern realistic fiction has been the most popular genre among young readers, perhaps it is closer to the lives they know, and therefore easier to read.

If fantasy or horror is taking realism in popularity then we certainly need to consider the causes for this change. Well-crafted stories encourage the development of attitudes based on similar experiences leading us to appreciate others. All children have a right to literature in its different forms. In the best of all possible worlds, they would have rich experiences with nursery rhymes, interactive dialogue and other forms of language.


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