Happiness secure life. For religiously rich people

Happiness is one most treasured desire of human beings. While our world is getting more troublesome and transforming everyday, most people in this world are trying their best to live a happy and accomplished life. Happiness is gained from many positive experiences, whether they are material or emotional.

No one can really give a specific interpretation of what Happiness means, due to the fact that every person has their own viewpoint of what happiness means. The different type of relationships we make in our life’s can help bring more happiness in our life’s, as in making good friends who could be like a second family or more of a first to some and building a closer relationship with family members.  Usually when we have come across with some stressful or disappointing situation or cases, in order to take a breath we always turn to our families and fly into our family’s arms. If we have our own families and their real support, it is a very dependable way to reach  happiness and relief. As said previously we all adopt different meanings in the notion of happiness.

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Some people may find their happiness in being in a romantic relationship. Different people find their happiness in richness and stardom. While others are satisfied just being healthy and alive. I think that we give happiness different values at different stages of our lives. After all, it even happens that the same person today in order to be happy strives for love and family, while tomorrow the only things he or she is worried about are money and career, and after a while, all he or she needs is intact health. Everyone concludes on the meaning of happiness differently, and this is the only universal recipe for how to become happy. For a large scale of the people, happiness is a material asset, a secure life.

For religiously rich people a possibility of an inner growth is of great value. Although the meaning that person includes, happiness does not occur by coincidence it always has to be made, it has to be discovered, created, and produced, built from the ground up. And this could only be achieved by deciding to be happy. People must have a tenet to be happy no matter how difficult events await them ahead. By all means, life, with all those endless hardships and devastation, always gets in the way of people enjoying their own lives this can alter a person’s happiness. Personally my view on happiness is doing things you enjoy around people you love and trying you best to avoid negative people and thoughts. I also don’t think you need to be extremely wealthy to live happily, most people can live joyfully in the worst situations but for me personally I believe I would be happier in the future if I could be financially stable to an extent so I would not have to worry too much about utility bills and future decisions.

People also seem to be so afraid of being lonely that they fail to recognize a toxicity in their social connections. Selfish, untrustworthy, and overall adverse people inflict more harm than good to their friends simply by being around them. Yes, life is rather lonely, and people die alone shortly after they are brought into this world alone. But this is something inevitable, that anyone is not able to postpone yet.

Therefore, there is no point in focusing on negativity. It would be better to concentrate your energy on building happy and healthy relations with people, that worth of being the part of your life, because they know how important people. People need the company of others to dispel their solitude because it most likely will cause one to linger over negative things, such as problems and miseries.


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