Golden eye

The new James Bond had to be an exiting film, full of new technology and fantastic effects. It was the 18th bond film and the first for 6 years. The viewers expected a great film because of the earlier Bond films including the last one made before Goldeneye with Timothy Dalton. Audiences want real excitement from Bond films, with great stunts and first-rate action. It also needed some well-known actors and actresses to be a good hit. Pierce Brosnan was 007 and Sean Bean was 006. Martin Campbell was the director. Golden eye starts off on a bridge. You then see him standing on top of the Hoover Dam with a bungee rope on.

He doesn’t jump but gently lets himself fall off. You see from a distance him falling down with hardly any sound at all. The bungee rope starts to slow down and the camera closes in on his face. He shoots a harpoon gun at the floor that he got out of his pocket. The harpoon rope starts to wind its self in when Bond presses a button on his gun. Bond got himself off the bungee rope and went in to a building where 006 was. They start to run around whilst being shot at. Then 006 told Bond to set the bomb for 6 minutes they fight for a bit longer and then one of the leaders tells Bond to come out.

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They have 006 kneeling on the floor with the main bad guy with a gun over his head. Bond quickly goes and turns the timer on to 3 minutes, whilst the bad guy is counting from 10 to 1. Bond comes out with 2 seconds remaining the bad guy shoots him anyway. Bond ducks behind a large crate of dynamite and starts wheeling it in front of him. The bad guy tells every one to stop shooting while Bond is sneaking to the door. Bond peeps his head around the crate and one of the bad guard’s shoots him for daring to fire so near to the dynamite. Bond gets out and he shoots a hinge it drops lots of barrels onto everybody.

Bond runs and gets on to a plane fights with the pilot for a minute shoots a motorcyclist chasing him. They get flung out of the plane and Bond wriggles free. The pilot is then run over by another motorcyclist. Bond gets on to the motor bike and starts chasing after the plane which has carried on going to the edge of a cliff. The Bond theme tunes stars to sound as the plane drops off the edge, and then Bond rides off. He lets go of the bike and starts making his way to the crashing plane. He eventually gets to it. He gets in and starts trying to get the plane back level he does and the final bond theme starts.

Then he flys off in to the distance. This excellent introduction will leave the viewers wanting more of the movie and knowing it will be first-class because James wants revenge on the man that killed his friend 006. There are lots of great special effects in the opening sequence of Goldeneye like when James is jumping after the falling plane. It looks so real and the computed background looks genuine as well. With the wind blowing threw his hair looks as if he is actually falling. The fighting and explosions are the best effects because it looks so authentic.

When James drives off in the plane and the building behind him blows up it was a real explosion and a real building so they spent a lot of money on the magnificent effects. The special effects in the opening sequence are really high quality. Especially the fighting, explosions and stunts. My favourite is when Bond gets in to the plane after jumping off the cliff on the motorbike. The viewers relate to the film much more if it is exciting. Special effects help with the intense moments in the film. Special effects are there to be enjoyed and put there to admire.

It helps the film get awards and superior sales. There is some first class sound in the opening sequence including the main theme tune, which is in every opening sequence of James bonds films. As on the bunjee jump there is no sound at all so you concentrate on to the screen. The dialogue is minimal for the reason that you focus a lot more on the main action. The effect of minimal sound and then great explosion of sound shocks the audience and makes the film amazingly more remarkable. This enjoyable and outstanding opening sequence to get the audience ready for a gripping film.


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