GMOs of a disease and starvation.GMOs in farming

GMOs are bad because they harm the environment by creating super-weeds and organisms that are resistant to pesticides and herbicides. There are serious causes of GMOs around the world affecting many people. Problems with Chemical contamination, Environmental Ramifications, farming genetic engineering allows DNA from one species to be transferred with another species. The plants are increasing doses of crops with chemicals. Over 75 percent of the genetically modified crops engineering.They tolerate being sprayed herbicide chemicals spreading of herbicide-resistant superweeds that are massively increasing lots of exposure of farms, communities that these toxic chemicals are harming. There are contaminating many food and harming many people when they eat there crops they have grown. The crops expanded exponentially across the world over the past two decades nowhere has this growth been more significant. One percent of corn and seven percent of soybeans growth in the U.S. The consequences of mixing will be much serious with new crops to produce pharmaceuticals industrial chemicals. The crops could harm people’s health and be toxic to wild animals.According to the Environment Ramifications, toxicity huge issue surrounding chemical pesticides and herbicides. The long term effects of GMO are not certain. Pests targeted these methods can adopt pesticides and herbicides to DNA changes. In GM plants resistant will not always  be effective but toxic legacies will remain. If the population has enough food to sustain and thrive exponential breeding will occur. Soon there won’t be any food to sustain people. Just the more fit individuals will survive while the others die of a disease and starvation.GMOs in farming is a novel form, biotechnology that have been able to obtain patents. As a result companies that make GMOs have the power to sue farmers whose fields are contaminated. GMOs are a serious threat to farmers and the national food security of any country grown including the United States. The costs of GMOs have lost long-term vestment associated with crops or one type of production and expenses of putting place prevention of contamination. If farmers keep putting GMOs in their crops they are going to start losing a lot of money and they won’t have anything left money or crops to keep growing with. All these topics are very bad for this world with all the GMOs affecting all these people and farmers that live by growing their crops but it’s hard to do that know and then because they have contamination in the plants farmers grow. Not do they only harm humans it affects the animals eating the plants that need to eat. So GMOs have to go because more & more people are getting sick. Foods are getting more and more modified engendered and it’s not good for many people.


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