Globalization: Metaphysical Perspective of the Western Industrialized World

The development of the world is something that touches each person on this planet and creates new circumstances to live in. This is why globalization and industrialization are the two notions, which people should care about and enlarge their knowledge about day by day.

The metaphysical perspective of the western industrialized world may oppress people in many ways: children have nothing to do but accept the already existed conditions without any opportunity to change something from the very beginning, the metaphysics of the reality people live in cannot be examined properly, because people do not really comprehend how significant this very issue is, and, finally, it is not that easy to define who are really interested in the technological development and a life on the earth that is closely connected to planetary perspective only. With the help of the articles by David Carpenter and David Peat, we will try to analyze how exactly the metaphysical perspective of the representatives from the western industrialized world may oppress this world and destroy cultures.

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Without any doubts, “European consciousness dominates the world” (Peat, 1997). In order to comprehend the ideas of the metaphysics perspective, it is also possible to address the article of this author, who uses our society’s metaphysics in comparison to another society. With the help of Peat’s ideas, we come to the conclusion that each thing that people take as an inevitable is considered to be a kind of social conditioned perceptions, and this is why people are responsible for any change in this world, and people have to be ready to cope with the difficulties, created by themselves.

Another writer, who presents really interesting information about the development of this world and this development’s impact on people, is David Carpenter. He admits that children are our future, and this is why it is crucially important to protect them by any possible means, providing all the necessary environment to be healthy and safe (Carpenter, 2006).

To my mind, nurses are one of those people, who may provide the necessary support to the population to overcome all the changes, connected to the world’s industrialization and globalization. These people have close connection to health care and other issues, which provide safer future for our children.

Smoking, drugs’ using, and use of not clean water – all this cause certain problems with health and abilities to accept industrialization, specially, it touches the Western countries. This is why nurses should be responsible for such things as the presentation of the information concerning healthy eating and drinking, spending time outside, dangers of smoking, etc.

It is also necessary to remember about all those things, which our ancestors presented to us. Of course, lots of people try to find out as many reasons to promote the technological growth, however, we should be able to remember about our past and all those loses, our ancestors faced to safe this world for use. In order to live this life properly, people should think about the ways of how to develop and improve our present and create safe future, but not at expense of our past. Only in this case, people will get all the opportunities to feel the improvement and not to forget how it is to be a human, not dependent on technologies.

In general, I want to admit that the metaphysical perspective of this world’s industrialization remains one of the most burning issues nowadays. People should be able to develop and encourage the use of technologies, but not to forget about the ideas from the past. Such attention to past will help to comprehend that health is of great importance, and our children should have a change to life in healthy future, not spoiled by the technological process.

Reference List

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Peat, F. D. (1997). Blackfoot Physics and European Minds. Futures, 29(6), 563-573.


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