Gladiator. kill Maximus in the duel but dies



The movie tells us the story of Maximus Decimus Meridius the
Roman General  who was emperors the
favorite and the best in his job. When the Commodus son of the emperor
discovered  that Maximus could take his
place  he strangles his father and tries
to kill  Maximus . But the plan goes
wrong and Maximus escapes. After escaping he loses his family , his titles and
his men. He is made into a slave and his master sends him into the arena to
fight. Emperor Marcus Aurelius belived that Maximus will restore the Roman
nation by giving back rule and
 power to the senate.

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 My personal opion is  the only thing Maximus wanted is to retire and
go back to his family but war and political situation in the Rome didnt let him
so he lost everything and he got nothing to life for . He was foung by passing
caravan which took him to Zucchabar (province in North Africa) and sold to
Proximo the head of a gladiator school. Proximo gives him a chance to avenge
his family by letting  him to fight in
the arena because he was gladiator himself once who won his freedom fighting
till the end.

By using his skills Maximus fights in the arena and makes
his way to the top. Even in the one of the fights when they were surrounded  by the carts, 
Maximus  took control of his men
and they managed to win the fight by listening to him. Proximo tells Maximus
that he needs to win the crowd in order to get closer to Commodus.  Maximus quickly becomes the favorite of the
crowd  and Commodus notices  him. On the side he gathers his men and gets
support from the senate and Commoduses sister. They were trying to overthrow
Commodus but they fail.


In the
conclusion Commodus tries to kill Maximus in the duel but dies because Maximus
is much more skilled than him. Maximus orders to free gladiators and prisoned
senate member and instructs them to restore power in senate and make Rome  Republic again.



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