In this presentation I am going to give an overview of music education and its relationship with music therapy. Music forms play an important role in human lives. In this paper, I want to consider music therapy. I will focus on some arguments and controversies concerning the matter.

While there are many people who believe that music therapy is not effective, I believe that music can provide us with one of the most effective therapies. However, the debate and controversy about music therapy does not end here (Wheeler 13).

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music as something that will have positive effects in social, psychological, and physical functioning of people with different educational or health needs.

Personally, I believe that current studies are effective because they show the profound effects of music. This involves the use of music to heal individuals with different complications. The main therapeutic responses include calming patients, easing tension, promoting movement, and reducing depression (Wheeler 18). It is possible to state that music positively affects the human brain because it eases tension and creates calmness that helps in healing different diseases. On the other hand, there is certain controversy in this issue.

Some individuals argue that music is useful for personal relaxation and fulfilment but has no therapeutic properties. Various individuals and researchers argue that music can distort somebody’s feelings especially at high volume (Wheeler 19). Such individuals argue that music cannot be used for individuals who are sick. This controversy is what has excited researchers and has encouraged them to conduct surveys to explore the relevance of music as a tool of therapy.

Application of Music Therapy

It is important to look at the different views and approaches towards the of use music for therapeutic purposes. With different views and controversies about effectiveness of music as a tool for therapy in mind, I still believe that people can use music for different purposes.

Studies have shown that music can influence heartbeat and breathing (Wheeler 28). This can make the body function better and, therefore, we should be willing to use music for our own health benefits. Music can improve somebody’s state of mind thus making it easier to deal with anxiety or any form of depression. Listening to music can help reduce stress and make the body active. Other possible benefits of music include lowering the body pressure, boosting the immunity and easing tension of muscles. However, I would like to point out that some individuals do not see the benefits of the use of music. They argue that music therapy cannot address some of the complications.

However, I think the Individuals who are sceptical about the therapeutic properties of music should try to listen to music and check if it helps ease their tensions and depression. I would like to state that, because there are different opinions about music therapy, different individuals should be willing to use music and see whether it can be helpful (Wheeler 38). This will make it easier for them to have a first-hand experience. They will be able to come to the right conclusions as for the use of music. They will definitely agree that music can be a potent tool to treat certain diseases and conditions. This will help people dissolve the existing controversy.


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