Special it is something new something different,

 Special effects are rife in this extract the whole meaning in these scenes is of perseverance and on some level you can do anything if you put your mind to it which is a message which gets across to the spectator from the text. He is then framed in the metal detector as the bag is put on the conveyor belt.

He steps through, it goes off the guard asks for all metallic items he opens his coat as it tilt ups from his feet he is wearing sunglasses and has a whole arsenal in his coat.The sunglasses are actually an important feature it hides his eyes which give a lot away about a person, as these are hidden it shows no emotion this reiterates my point earlier the audience connects with Neo feeling his heartache over trying to get back a loved one. The sunglasses also show he can be serious when it comes down to it.

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He then palms the first guard and while Neo is in real time the guard is in slow motion as soon as the guard hits the ground Neo begins firing. One guard manages to call for back up upon which trinity follows Neo in and shoots the guard.The shot switches to lots of feet moving along a corridor all you can hear is footsteps and guns rattling. You know a big action sequence is coming due to the fast cut editing this builds up the suspense and you wonder what our heroes are up against. I love this scene the special effects are accentuated by the camera angles the sound interplays with it as well it just makes one hell of a scene.

I’m sure the audience don’t realise how much goes into a scene they just enjoy the whole thing they don’t pick it apart although it all makes the scene.The next shot is of Neo and Trinity standing in the middle of the room surrounded by S. W. A. T, they turn to look at each other and run to take cover on both sides of the room. Then the special effects kick in, it is mostly wirework so everything looks quite real and it gets the audience wishing they could do it, which makes them watch on, as it seems possible. Slow motion camera effects are used well an example of this is when we get a close up shot of Neo’s side while he is running at the S.

W. A. T with a M-16.You can see each individual shell falling on the floor and all you can hear is this played over the music, which makes it very dramatic. The audience likes this it is something new something different, the matrix first came up with the concept of bullet time where you can see each individual bullet flying past, audiences went mad for this they thought it was brilliant it brought something new to the thriller/action genre. Most good films are remembered on what special effects are used or what it does to bring something new to the cinema industry.Matrix was a very high grossing film, audiences loved it but why did they love it. One reason was the groundbreaking special effects blew people away it certainly did that to me the plot line is intriguing and makes you think is it possible.

I particularly enjoyed this film because of the camera work i. e bullet time, the kung fu action sequences all shot very well due to the varying camera angles. The one scene at the end of the lobby sequence is when everyone is dead the bag slowly comes to the end of the conveyor belt and Trinity slides over and picks it up suggesting they killed everyone in the matter of a few minutes.

People like almost invincible heroes or heroes with amazing powers but at the same time a hero who has feelings and isn’t just a killing machine. Neo proves this role by his love for trinity and his conquest to find his father figure Morpheus. The whole film is brilliant I picked one of the millions of good scenes, everyone of them provoking a reaction in the film community. I think most audiences loved this film or at least were impressed, the matrix is a good all round film for cinematography and SFX and the other micro aspects.


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