Gender representation


This gives me the impression that Sarah Connor is quite trendy and perhaps she is being stereotyped to a certain extent, as women also have the stereotype that they have to be trendy and fashionable. As the film proceeds, we become more aware of the fact that Sarah Connor is quite dependent and vulnerable. My reasons for this being that because in the scene where a little boy puts ice-cream in Sarah’s apron, she does nothing at all about it and just stands there as if not knowing what to do. She acts as if she is a damsel in distress.

The kind of camera angle that is used is mostly from a high angle, which gives us the sense that Sarah is powerless and weak. All of this suggests that The Terminator is a very traditional film, whereas The Matrix is the complete opposite. At the beginning of The Matrix a character named Trinity is introduced to us. The fact that a surname is not used is suggesting she has a secretive side that nobody is allowed to know. In her first scene, she is seen from the back at a long distance shot. This gives us the idea that she is dangerous and menacing.

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Trinity is dressed in nothing apart from black leather and has very short jet-black hair, which again suggests she is no ordinary woman. Trinity is seen as androgynous as it is very difficult to tell whether she is a male or a female in her opening scene. A camera shot of her eyes close up is used, and then the camera pulls away from her to show that she actually is a woman. Trinity then literally bursts into action and the moves that she uses suggests that she is an extraordinary woman and almost heroic.

She jumps over buildings and performs a numerous amount of somersaults, which makes us believe she is a strong woman and Trinity is definitely challenging the role of a traditional woman. The type of framing that is used is mostly close up and longshot and the camera angle that is used when Trinity is in the scene are low angles. This is because it makes us believe that the subject, who is Trinity, is high and powerful. I think the kinds of audience’s that The Terminator and The Matrix are aimed at are different.

The Terminator is a very traditional film, and it seems to have a lot of stereotyping included in it, most of them aimed at women. I don’t think that many women would like to see a person of their own gender being discriminated against, so this leads me to believe that the audience the film makers were aiming for was that of the male population. The Matrix is a totally different film compared to The Terminator in terms of audience. It is no where near tradition and definitely challenges gender representation.

In this film, the woman takes the lead role and is seen as the powerful and great one. This gives me the idea that the aimed audience for The Matrix is both men and women. Men as it is a action film and women because they would like to see a woman in control rather than a man, and it really makes a difference when tradition is challenged. I feel that the media are challenging gender representation to attract a wider audience and also to make more money, as that is a big part of media itself, and it could possibly be one of the main reason that media exists.


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