Introduction factors. Most importantly, universities should not


In recent times, the issue of sexual category equality has been given precedence in many forums. It is noteworthy that in the contemporary community, many countries and organizations have enacted laws that uphold gender equivalence. However, this is not evident in university education because entry is determined by scholastic credentials and preference.

It is unprofessional for universities to dictate the number of students being enrolled per subject without considering these two factors. Most importantly, universities should not admit equivalent proportions of males and females. In congruence with the existing scholastic guiding principles, conscription of students into a university is based on the established scholastic qualification requirements.

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This is done with reference to the pre-university results. Consequently, admission of students basing on gender can be so disastrous to the academic fineness of an institution and also to the career of the students. Incase a student is admitted for a certain subject which he does not qualify, the student might perform poorly as the requirements to pursue the course might be too much for him to accomplish. Furthermore, the institution might develop a bad academic repute for producing feebly trained graduates. Similarly, enrollment of an individual in a subject he his not qualified to pursue might lead to failure in the fulfillment of career requirements as the student might achieve low grades. Most importantly, this mode of conscription might prevent the qualified students from achieving their careers.

As a matter of fact, their chance might be taken by the unqualified students who the university opts for to balance the gender equation. It is apparent that enrollment of students to pursue a subject should also be based on preference of the student during the application process. It is essential for students to pursue the subject they desire as everyone has preferred career and dreams to accomplish. Furthermore, students should not just take up subjects because the number of males and females has to be equal. More over, the dissimilar genders prefer different career subjects.

For example, significant proportions of female students prefer art and related subjects while male students prefer engineering subjects. Thus, if the universities insist on balancing the number of males and females in each subject many students will end up pursuing undesired careers. In as much as I do not agree with the issue of universities accepting the similar proportions of male and female in each subject, I acknowledge the importance of such action. First of all, a fine balanced class in terms of gender enhances an apt learning environment. This is because while in school individuals are taught concepts that are beyond the syllabus. As a result, it is important to build ones social life, as some studies have proved that the contact between people of dissimilar sex enhances the societal wellbeing.

Moreover, they will relate well consequently working as a team.


I believe students should be enrolled to pursue a certain subject basing on the pre-university results and their preferred subject and not gender. Hence, it means both genders are given a level playing ground to perform in reference to their ability. Most importantly, students should be allowed to pursue different subjects basing on their qualifications and preference. It is evident that an individual performs well in the subject he has chosen to pursue. It is thus evitable that universities should not accept the similar proportions of males and female.


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