Basit values. Gender and Education, Volume 9 (4).

Basit T (1997) ‘I want more freedom, but not too much’: British Muslim girls and the dynamism of family values. Gender and Education, Volume 9 (4).

How do you perceive other ethnic groups? Do you base it on stereotypical views? Or do you know the reasons behind things that are done differently? Ethnicity is “A sense of being different than other groups because of cultural tradition, ancestry, national origin, history, or religion. ” (Google). (http://www. google.

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com/search? hl=en&lr=&oi= defmore&defl =en&q=define:Ethnicity).There are many different types of ethnic groups in society, such as Asians, Whites, and Afro- Caribbean’s. However, every group perceives and disagrees with the way the other groups handle certain situations, due to their differences in cultural traditions. For example, in the English culture, once you get married you have your own house, however with the Muslim culture, the wife has to move in with the boys’ family, and however this is slowly changing over time. This essay is based on an article written by Tehmina N.Basit, which focuses on British Muslim girls and the dynamism of family values, and will consider the reasons why some ethnic groups do thing differently to other ethnic groups and also the stereotypical views behind it. Also including how English cultures perceive the Muslim culture and how the Muslim culture perceives the English culture, and the conflicts between what is right and wrong in this society.

“South Asian origins are mainly close knit, cohesive units and family loyalties are very strong”. Basit, T (1997).This quote shows Basil, T’s opinion of South Asian origins; this can be mostly true as they respect their elders and help each other out when needed. Which shows that they are close knit. They live as a big family this shows that some South Asian families are cohesive units and that there family loyalties do play a big role in their everyday lives.

They share happiness and love within it. Again this displays the features that Basil. T describes South Asian origin people of having. Babysitters are not an option, when it comes to children as they are always “taken to all functions and ceremonies instead of being left behind with child minders”.

Basit, T (1997). However the South Asian families stereotypically perceive English families as the “elders appear to command little love or respect and are sent into homes instead of being looked after by the younger generation”. Basit, T (1997). This can support the argument mentioned earlier about how different ethnic groups can disagree with many issues that are different within the different groups. Also some ethnic groups may perceive the way people from other ethnic groups handle certain situations as wrong. This is solely due to differences in the traditions that arise within different cultures.The above quote is an example of how some South Asian families can disagree with English families (people from different ethnic groups) views on certain issues.

Also to support this J. S. Dosanjh (1997) says “Grand parents are not at hand to look after the next generation and to pass on the cultural and religious values of the English community”. Therefore Asians think this is shameful behavior, which cannot be tolerated in the Asian community, as their children need to be slightly restricted in order to follow in the right path in the community and to help the family. However this is again just a stereotypical view.”Elders are rarely found to be living on their own, let alone in old peoples home”. Basit, T (1997).

To support this Paul A Singh, (1998) says “the Muslim culture is strict but their family stick together, and no one is left on their own”. Although when it comes to education, Asian families are extremely strict for their children to educate themselves and would do anything for them to stay on the right track. Muslim parents believe that “their children’s future will be good, if they are educated, if the child is uneducated she will not be respected in this society”. Ghazi – Walid Falah (2005).Also the reason why education is so important is because then the child can stand on her own feet, and take responsibility of their own life and take control of their surrounding and society around them, rather then society taking control of them. That is the reason why Asian families restrict their children from excessive freedom, as they are “worried about the perceived influence of a largely secular society”. Basit, T (1997). From the above quote it can be concluded that Asian families are concerned with outside influences and also what other communities may say as mentioned in the quote.

The children’s parents believe by restricting freedom, their children will always be on the right track; therefore “this is the reason why some parents and community leaders even favor separate schools for Muslim girls”. Basit, T (1997). However this does not solve the problem because children “behave differently at home and at school”. Basit, T (1997). Which means children who act differently, may not be able to talk to their parents about specific topics they need help in, which restricts their communication with their parents, and produces boundaries.

Therefore children want to discuss it with other children and teachers.


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