Front requirements, catering, security, accommodation requirements, etc. Post

Front ofHouse (FOH)The Front of House refers to employees that work on the front line of ahospitality based establishment. They are viewed as the faces of theestablishment, because guests can directly interact with these employees.Examples of Front of House positions would be; Food & Beverage Server,Front Desk Agent, and Concierge.

 Back ofHouse (BOH)/Heart of HouseThe Back of House or Heart of House refers to employees that work behind thescenes of a hospitality based establishment. They are viewed as the heart ofthe establishment, because they work behind the scenes to make sure that thereare services and products to sell. Examples of Heart of House positions wouldbe; Chef, Housekeeper, and Dishwasher. BanquetEvent Order (BEO)A BEO is a document between the venue and the customer that indicates all therequirements of a particular event. Items on a BEO include; contactinformation, timing, food and beverage requirements, pricing, set-up, staffing,etc. RiderA Rider is a document that lists all of the requirements of a particularindividual or team for an event.

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An example of an individual who would have arider would be a Performer, such as a singer. Examples of what could be on aperformers rider include; A/V requirements, catering, security, accommodationrequirements, etc. Post MortemA Post Mortem is a written document that is created post-event. The purpose ofthis document is to address the pros and cons of the event and what changes potentiallyshould be made in the future if said event were to run again. CriticalPathA Critical Path is essentially a to-do list for before, during and after theevent. A critical path is as the name states – critical.

It is very importantto follow a critical path and constantly update it when preparing for an event.Critical paths can be presented in many different ways, but the most importantitems to have are, tasks with timelines associated (start, duration and duedate) and individual responsible for said task. AgendaAn Agenda refers tosome sort of document that lists the timing and happenings of an event. Anagenda can also be called a program and may be distributed to attendees at anevent. ContractA Contract is a detailed agreement of a service or product that can be enforcedby law.

Debrief (Eventdebrief?)Debriefs are given prior to the start of an event. The purpose of a debrief isto inform your staff of the happenings and timings of the day and what they arerequired to accomplish. Debriefs can be given generally or can be broken downby department or function of the event.

 StakeholdersA Stakeholder is anindividual or organization that have interests or concerns regarding something.These individuals or organizations stand to gain or lose depending on theactivities of the company/organization they are stakeholders in. For example,Durham College has many stakeholders including; students, teachers, andcommunity members. SponsorsA Sponsor is an individual or organization that supports the running of anevent, either financially or through in-kind donation. In-KindIn-kind donations refer to support that is given through means that does notinclude money. In-kind donations include items such as; pro-bono consulting,products, or services. Corporate SocialResponsibilitiesCSR mandates are an important part of an organization as it shows what thecompany or organization does to support social responsibilities that in turnsupports sustainable growth. An example of this would be a CSR mandate thatsupports environmental initiatives.

 Risk MatrixA Risk Matrix is a document that is used to determine risks associated withdifferent aspects of an event. To determine the level of the risk you have totake the potential risk and find the likelihood of said risk and theprobability of said risk occurring.  86’dThe term 86’d in arestaurant or hotel refers to the unavailability of an item. 86’d chickenbreast, means that there are no longer any chicken breasts for the currentservice. A la CarteA la Carte service refers to ordering food or alcohol per item, rather than ina set menu. CorkageA Corkage fee ischarged when an individual brings out-of-house alcohol to a venue.

A fee ischarged as the venue is not receiving revenue from the purchasing of thealcohol. ContinentalBreakfastA Continental Breakfast refers to a breakfast that only serves cold food items.Items such as cereal, pastries, and fruit. Continental breakfasts are alsoserved with coffee and/or tea and juice. Audio Visual(A/V)Audio Visual refers toequipment that serves an audio or visual purpose for an event, such as speakersand projector screens.

 NetworkingThe term Networking refers to connecting and establishing relationships betweenindividuals or organizations to benefit future business endeavors. CharterA Charter is a form oftransportation that is booked and scheduled for a group or team of people to betransported together for a specific destination 


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