From involved in the biggest cases of corruption

From 20 of the most violent cities in the world 6 are Brazilian cities and two of the are my birth city and the city Ilive now. The drug trafficking in there got to a dimension where the bandits are running the cities and the policehas no control over it. The violence and crime keep spreading from all places in the towns and the feeling ofinsecurity just grows more and more. Living there is like taking a risk and facing your fear everytime you need togo somewhere or even at your own home, where the gates and padlocks do not stop thieves to get into your ownhouse whether you are home or not. My house was invaded by a thief right when I left my mom by herself andwhen I came back I found her shocked and never in peace of being home again. The feeling of fear was livingwith us and we had to set up protective grids and life got ironic on that, the bandits were out on the streets andthe people that were trying to live rightly had to build their own jails to protect themselves.Why doesn’t the government take an action over it? Why can’t somebody just stop that? We grow up with thesequestions and the answer comes on the worst ways. First, the thieves are running the country. Our presidentsare involved in the biggest cases of corruption of the History. All of our money, all of our dignity is being stolen.They are the pattern being followed by the bandits. When your own people do harm to you, who else could helpus? Second, the interest of the government to spend money with security or any other good to the people is low.The money keeps on being deviated for personal accounts in front of our eyes and when go to the streets toclaim for our rights, that is when they use the security, to fight against our people on the streets so they can stopus and shut us up.Growing up in this environment made me develop a feeling of change. Start changing from the inside and bechange I want to see around. Do something for my family and my community, help them out somehow. I reallybelieve that education is the key. We still have our kids to raise and they are going to be our future. I want tolearn from other cultures and see what I could bring back home that would lead us to a better destiny. I startedvolunteering and trying to make a difference on my community and I really believe I can do more. My plans are tostudy my masters and get back to my country and start my own organization to motivate the study in the poorestcommunities. Most of them have no perspectives in life because of the lack of opportunities and I will try to do mypart to help somehow. And that maybe we can see our future with some better expectancies.


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