Freedom other crime, such idea or opinion should

Freedom of speech refers to
an idea or opinion  expressed by any individual
or community confidently without having a fear of punishment or retaliation.

Nowadays, there are many ways of expression but social media is extremely used
among others. Everyone has right to speak about his or her opinion but there
should be limitation of free speech. If somebody talks abusive, threatening,
provoking unlawful behaviors, posting child pornography and sharing false
statements or intentionally misinterpret the truth of other crime, such idea or
opinion should not be posted. Nobody is allowed to harm others to get what you
want. We should speak about things, which are considered to be justice.  Once in United Kingdom Paul chambers posted
in tweeter “I’m blowing the airport sky high!!” He actually was showing his
anger because due to bad weather fight was cancelled and he couldn’t meet his
girlfriend. But unfortunately, he was arrested. So, social media should have
protocol, limitation to their users. Instead of being afraid of losing their
customers and users, social media should not be platform for disturbance,
violence in the society. Many countries are demanding laws that can be said on
social media. Like in 2012 United Arab Emirates had passed a law for
imprisonment to anyone, who harm the reputations of leading official and
advocate change by using IT. Similarly
European countries are also demanding social media to erase hate speech,
terrorist propaganda and other problematic expression. Everyone have right to
speech and it’s a first amendment in USA but not on the cost of violence,
brutality, terrorism that leads to degradation.

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If freedom of speech away then
dumb and silence we may led, like sheep to slaughter.



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