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In the case of XYZ pharmaceuticals the largest effort needs to go into Press Relations. From the Congruence analysis we know that where we focus depends on the definitions of the non uptake group. Although doing this anyway will have an effect, doing it along with the non uptake understanding will make it more powerful and effort better spent.  Our first look at Force Field Analysis we took the levels to be related to revenue.

The current level was falling, acceptable level was static revenue and the desirable was increased revenue. It was the last piece of analysis we did at the end of a long session. The next session we decided to review what we had done and it was totally changed.This time we developed two Force Field Analysis. The first looking at what was reacting to getting the Percentage of the population jabbed. The targets here are the desirable protection levels of 95% set by WHO.

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Whether the protection levels are achieved by using the triple or single is not the issue. This can be seen in Figure 10. The biggest impact on increasing overall protection levels would be for a measles outbreak to happen. As we have no control over that the next biggest action is that of the Government in terms of education and their relationship with GPs. It maybe the way Doctors are rewarded for the jabs could be changed to promote the vaccination program.

Even with the outbreak of measles if the population think the cure is strong then still some people will choose not to vaccinate. On balance this Force Field Analysis does not give the company too much to worry about. However, looking at the second version of the Force Field Analysis tells a very different story.

Force Field Analysis – Protection Levels The second version of the Force Field Analysis took Market Share as the focus. We took 100% Market Share to mean all of the children vaccinated were having the triple. Realistically we know that may not be achievable, as the single jabs are an option so we would need to set a feasible level. As we are not sure what the current split is between the two jabs we have not set this. The diagram for this is shown in.The overall picture looks fairly balanced. Even though the mistrust of the Government is seen as a powerful restraint, indicated by the thickness of the arrow, the actions indicated by the upward arrows do not let this totally overpower the situation.

It highlights the usefulness of understanding the use and non use patterns in terms of demographics. This has impact on the Press Pack allocation as well as the survey. Two actions which are combating big restraints to the actions.Force Field Analysis – Market Share The biggest barrier to the last two is one of resource, particularly PR. A deeper review of the company’s capabilities in this area is suggested with the view to either further recruitment of specialised skills or outsourcing.Limitations and Benefits of the technique The technique gives structure when looking at complex problems. The end result is a solution not just deeper understanding of the problem.

Given that you have a complex problem instead of getting totally bogged down with it you feel slightly more relaxed as you have a process you are about to follow to get to a solution.The structure is flexible in which bits get used as not all have to be done and not all parts suit a particular problem. Also you may have some personal preference to particular parts. For example the first stage you need to make sense of the problem and there are a variety of ways this can be done. For example using rich pictures. mind maps or influence diagrams.

Although an influence diagram gives added perspective on a problem over a mind map I do not think they are as easily learnt. However people can be put off from using rich pictures if they feel they do not have the necessary drawing skills. Although I have said that some elements of the technique are more difficult to grasp than others on the whole the technique is very easy to teach but needs practice.

The people who will be responsible for the implementation of the problem should drive the whole process. However, their knowledge of the techniques maybe limited and this can cause more focus on the learning of the technique than on the problem itself. The more experience you have of the technique the more powerful it becomes. A facilitator could aid the lack of knowledge. They should be independent and make sure everyone’s view is taken into account.

If facilitated well you should end up with the whole teams perspective. The technique is more successful when done as part of a team but an individual can use it. The whole process works better if there is some balance in the team where there are no dominant characters. Again a facilitator plays a role here.The whole technique is very problem independent, it can be used for any problem. You need to start with a question and getting this question right at the beginning can be an issue and may need several iterations of starting the process over again before you get the right one which can be frustrating.

 You must be careful in not letting heat of the moment solutions or ideas take over. This can be solved by allowing the whole process to take several days and allowing some reflection time as a fundamental part of the process.This definitely aided our analysis to the MMR problem as we ended one of the days with a force field analysis, which we rushed to get through as we were running out of time. However, we started the next session with a review of what the force field had achieved and with fresh eyes we came up with a far better analysis. This resulted in two force field analyses.

An example of the techniques flexibility. It allowed the process to be adjusted to suit the particular problem.The technique could benefit with a ‘WU’ at the beginning for ‘Warm Up’. Going into the technique cold can make the process hard work.

A facilitator can aid this but if a team is going through the process for themselves to make it an explicit element to it would aid the rest of the process. As you do not need to reject elements of a problem the technique encourages debate rather than arguments. However it does require a certain amount of flexibility and imagination and dependent on what sort of group you are working with will limit what solutions are output from the process.


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