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A good feature writer is the one who can do much more than reporting plain facts. A feature writer has ample period of time under his disposal to compose a really worth wile feature, so it becomes the foremost duty of a feature writer to use the time given to him in such a way that the feature becomes a most interesting piece of writing. To write a good feature of course u need to have command over language. Otherwise it is difficult to express what you have seen. In opinion of many feature writers are born writers, who are blessed with the aptitude of writing.

What ever it takes it to be, a feature writer must be acquainted with the linguistic idiom of the written language. Another cardinal characteristic of a good feature writer is his keen sense of observation to detect those interesting points which usually escape the eyes of a common man. He should be a man to have a keen nose to sense the matters of interest around his environment particularly the social set up in which he resides permanently. Without keenness and curiosity, he shall not be bale to find out the matters of common interest, and nor shall he be able to share that interest.

It implies that a good feature writer should be mentally alert to interpret matters of common experience. A feature writer must not be a asking people for ideas, he should possess a special knack and experience to choose and select the subjects of common interest, which shall form the central ideas of his feature article. The recognition of subjects should be invariably deep be deeply related to the interest of the common lot of readers. It mans that he should be mentally and psychologically fit to recognize those subjects which are related to the welfare and deep interests of the readers.

As mentioned earlier interviews are an integral part of a good feature. Among major requisites are that an interview should begin with a lively and attractive phrase to catch the reader’s attention; to filter in the necessary facts that give the feature a reason and topicality; to sketch out the character of the subject as clearly as possible, to keep the subject of the interview who is and should be made interesting; to intersperse paragraphs of description with direct quotations and lastly to keep up the steam until the reader is completely hooked.

Another basic characteristic and attribute of a good feature writer is to compose his collected material and data efficiently. The underlying point is his skill abd ability to write clearly, accurately with imaginative appeal. He should adopt a style of writing commensurate with the public genius and popular consciousness to make it a delectable and entertaining piece of prose. It should be simple idiomatic and commonly intelligible to absorb the attention of the readers generally. A feature writer should never be biased; he should present the facts as they are.

A feature writer’s job is very much like that of a researcher who is not allowed to be prejudiced. Some times feature writers take up a type of feature writing called “personality column”, who filter the news through the mesh of their own personalities to give it an individual touch. Some times these feature writers give an idiosyncratic slant to their features. 9 Feature writers are thus like news writers in that they must value factual accuracy, not only in matters large but matters small.

For instance; if a writer was writing a personality profile of a famous actress, you would need to relate accurately not only information about major events in her life, but also information about such details as what she was wearing while the interview was going on. CONCLUDING THE IMPORTANCE OF A FEATURE FOR A MAGAZINE The increase in number and variety of features stories, and the expansion in the length and depth of features have often been described as the “magazining”10 of news papers: newspaper, today, in volume and variety of their features stories (and other stories), seem more like magazines.

Today’s newspapers not only publish feature stories on front pages but also publish entire daily feature sections under sections such as ” Shehr” “Focus” , “Life Style”, or “People”. Newspapers may also publish supplemental Sunday feature sections on topics such as travel, food, entertainment, health an d fitness issues, a lot of news papers publish their own Sunday magazines e. g. The News on Sunday. A magazine cannot survive without features since the treatment given to features is all what a magazine reader would demand.

Magazines are read for:  Leisure  Entertainment and  In depth / detailed information Magazine readers have ample time to finish reading their magazine since periodicity of magazines varies from weekly to yearly. Therefore a magazine reader would expect that the magazine he is reading would give him a clear and complete picture of what he wants to know. Features in magazines are some times found to be biased because magazines are usually biased for instance in a magazine for women one cannot bring about a lot of anti feminist views.

This is one restriction feature writers face when they are writing for a magazine. To sum up magazine journalism makes no sense without features. In fact it would be hard for a magazine to survive without features. The issue may be serious or light only hard news are not enough to satisfy his or her curiosity. Plus a reader also needs some entertainment which he finds not in newspapers but magazines through good features. _________________________________________

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